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  1. International Motor Sport
    Honda have announced they will be making a "Massive" leap forward to be closer to Ferrari and Mclaren next season, also rumours Sauber are going to using a Honda engine from 2017. Wonder how Haas will get on, mainly using Ferrari parts, they should at least give Marrusia someone to race :lol...
  2. General Motoring Discussion
    Now, it took the 924 to evolve into the 944 then into the 968 before liking this Porsche turned into wanting one of them (the 968). The only experience I have of these cars is being sat in the back of a 924 when my friend's mum span it off the road in the snow on the school run. I think the 968...
  3. Alfa Giulia
    Thought a new thread on a more technical nature (rather than just phwoar!) Starter for 10, what the hell is 'Torque vectoring'? Is it just passive rear steering? Electromechanical braking? Not a button handbrake?! Any spelling/ grammatical errors are purely there to annoy!
  4. International Motor Sport
    So now 2014 season is over, what do we hope will happen in 2015... I hope that the season is better than this one. I personally have found it very dull with the odd close race. You need some competition between teams at the front
  5. South Scotland
    Been working in the background looking for potential meet or event ideas but if I am being honest it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Geographically the area is fairly wide so it's understandable when there is a disappointing turnout and take up for some of the events and meets. Think...
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion thread to keep up the momentum for the National GT Meets North & South. Please feel free to discuss any ideas , promotional or frankly anything (what you had for dinner?) etc .... From experience the discussion threads always attract plenty...
  7. International Motor Sport
    Now the 2013 season is over here is the 2014 thread.... Let's hope it's a bit closer....!
  8. South Africa
    I am looking to upgrade my system at home and was wondering what sort of systems does everyone on here have? Any experience on any specific brands? Currently I got Rotel running some B&W's with a PSB sub. I am looking at brands like, Paradigm, Klipsch, PSB and B&W. Whats your experience?
  9. International Motor Sport
    Well, it appears that McLaren are going to ditch Mercedes and team up with Honda as they dont' want to pay £8 million for their engines McLaren want to ditch Mercedes and reunite with Honda | The Sun |Sport|Motorsport Does anyone else find it ironic that the team that used to be Honda is now...
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    A good compilation of the speculation Speculative - Alfa Romeo Giulia (159 replacement) | Page 2 | German Car Forum
  11. South Africa
    Right, seeing as its almost time, I'd like to start a discussion about the Big Z, what to look out for, what's a good beginer's time, what not to do and how to prepare, what checks to do with the car before going onto the track, how to behave while on the track with other cars etc. Also...why...
  12. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi all :) There's been too much discussion regarding front brakes and front brake upgrades, nobody ever mentioned rear brakes, so I was told to take the lead and start this thread :) I did a rear disc brake conversion on my 33, but I honestly didnt notice any changes stopping wise. Here is...
  13. International Motor Sport
    Its about time we started the 2012 thread I think... It will be a busy thread on half of the race weekends :rolleyes:...........
  14. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Thread title says it all. One of the subjects in hand now is the historic car rally on the 15th and 16th of October :thumbs:
  15. South Africa
    Hi Peeps. I’ve been very quiet. My GTV is running very good, and all my conversions are running and finished. Well so i thought, till last night. Last night a friend gave me a call. He bought a 145 on auction. Complete car, just missing the Engine end gearbox. He wants to sell it to me for...
  16. Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    PistonHeads Headlines - You know you want to... Alfa Romeo SZ
  17. International Motor Sport
    Seems a gooder time as any to kick this one off... A few burning questions: KERS - Good or bad idea? Will Pirelli have any Michelin moments? Who will find the loop hole in the regulations, a la F-Duct? What will be the scandal? Will the Indian track be ready in time? Will Rob Smedly have a job...
  18. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, I'm fairly new to these forums. I joined to chat to other people about the MiTo since this is my first alfa and is really the only one that interests me. When i first searched for MiTo forums, I found this website and links to discussion threads in the 'Technical & Vehicle Assistance>Alfa...
  19. International Motor Sport
    F1 2010 Discussion Thread Well its half way and the new concorde has been signed. Three new teams, and BMW out. - Fresh Concorde guarantees F1 through to 2012
1-20 of 30 Results