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  1. Induction - all gong, no dinner?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So I was thinking about induction options on the 3.0 GTV - quite like the noise you can get and some say it releases a noticeable power hike... What's your experience? Is it something worth spending my hard-earned on? Or is it just a lot of guff? Ta.
  2. I fancy Sunday pub dinner

    North East
  3. Alfa Song : Found My Self Singing It While Making Dinner ...

    General Alfa Discussion
    :o Alfa Romeo tribute song - YouTube
  4. West Mids Xmas Dinner

    Meets & Events Images
    Nice cosy affair with just 12 of us , top company and banter . Big Thanks to The Fountain for a Bostin dinner and for looking after us all year Smiffy trying to look sophisticated Beer Goggles Les get better looking every christmas Shelly no mates dinner time The...
  5. Come for a Beer, Coffee (or dinner)

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    The 500 club is organizing an afternoon at the newly opened "Le Carre" Lounge Cafe at Latsia, by the Agios Georgios church. The event will take place on Wednesday 25JUL12, at 19.00. The 500 club has invited us (the Alfa Romeo Club) as well as the classic Mini owners. For this event the...
  6. West Mids Christmas Dinner

    West Midlands
    We will be having our Christmas dinner at the Fountain again this year on Wednesday 19th December:D We will be having Turkey roll in bacon steam vegetables dauphinoise potatoes Followed by Christmas Pudding & Brandy Sauce Cheese & Biscuits The price this year is a very reasonable...
  7. AOEM evening dinner at The Horse Shoe Inn Tatenhill

    East Midlands
    A bit short notice granted :o ... but for anyone interested in venturing out for an evening we're going to have dinner at this place :D Horse Shoe Inn Tatenhill Burton on trent DE13 9SD arrival will be 7.30pm - 8.00pm Get ya RSVP's in toot...
  8. AOEM's midweek Pub dinner at The Saracen's Head

    Meets & Events Images
    No cars were photographed :o .... but I did manage a pic of a Fish :D Damn I still feel full this morning :lol:
  9. Walking home from dinner....

    Non Motoring Images
    Went to our local Italian restaurant for dinner last night. While we were there, there was a brief thunderstorm. On the way home, I saw this. Taken with my phone camera.
  10. AONW Christmas dinner and hoe down

    Meets & Events Images
    Time to post a few piccis of the civilised part of the evening, before the debauchery in Blackpool :eek: One of AONW's boozy crew....Scott (milowoki), Wayne (wayne dear), Mrs Wayne dear, Mrs GT Andy, Gaz giving the reps version of waynes V for victory, Alan (alanb156) Gaz hanging onto the...
  11. AO West Midlands Christmas Dinner

    West Midlands
    The West Midlands alfaowner Christmas Dinner will be on the 8th December at The Fountain again this year folks . The Fountain Adam's Hill Clent West Midlands DY9 9PU The price is £14 per...
  12. Sunday Dinner Recommendations

    North East
    I’m looking for somewhere nice to take my daughter for a proper Sunday dinner today. Don’t mind a bit of a drive. Suggestions please.
  13. There's Nowt Like A Traditional Sunday Dinner

    Way Off Topic
    Fish fingers, chips and beans!! :D
  14. South West Christmas Dinner

    Meets & Events Images
    I'm sure pics will be follwing soon but I had to upload these videos of our esteemed Regional Rep (Jayw) in full flow :lol: apologies for the quality but it was a covert operation :lol:
  15. West Mids Christmas Dinner

    West Midlands
    Guys 'n' Gals we will be having a Christmas dinner meet this year The date is 8th December It will be at the Fountain where we have our Monthly meet The Fountain Adam's Hill Clent West Midlands DY9 9PU...
  16. Sunday Dinner: 22-02-2009

    North East
    How about a run out to somewhere nice for dinner on Sunday 22nd February? Let's have some suggestions for a location, somewhere reasonably central, preferably within an hour of Durham. New members, wives or girlfriends and bairns will be more than welcome.
  17. The Post Your Dinner Photo Thread

    Motoring Images
    here is mine tonight...................steak and cheese with brocolli:) :)
  18. What are you having for Christmas Dinner?

    Poll Room
    We are up for Turkey, Goose (first time), Beef and all the trimmings, anyone else?:D
  19. AOSW Christmas Dinner (Who is interested?)

    South West
    ******************************* ***Okay, firstly, ignore the date!!*** ******************************* Ray and myself are trying to organise a Christmas dinner for the region, and are trying to get an idea of where to hold the event! So, for this purpose, please RSVP whether you are...