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  1. How the devil....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Why is a gt lusso gts coupe coming out £120 more than Blackline for insurance? Everything is near as damn it the same but the wheels. I'm at a loss.. Would a GT with a JTS 2L engine and 126k on the clock be a worry?
  2. My Gt better the Devil I think I know??

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After owning my GT for nearly a year I'm kinda thinking should I sell for something else............. Don't get me wrong I think the car is fantastic, I love the style, shape it always get's look and has been well looked after However it now has 176K on the clock, it does'nt smoke, still...
  3. The Devil Claims Another Disciple

    General Alfa Discussion
    So I'm just about to set off to Mangos to change my 159 2.2JTS (which has been faultless for 4 years) for another 159.:D Test drove an Audi, no thanks:cheese: Only this one is powered by the devil's own fuel .... it's a 2.0JTDM! Sorry and all that but 26mpg from the 2.2 is getting a bit...
  4. Devil's Porridge C&V Show, Eastriggs, Annan, Dumfries & Galloway

    South Scotland
    I'm the Club Secretary for the Spinning Wheels Motor Club and I'd like to invite AO members to our annual show to be held on the 8th August 2010 at the Devil's Porridge Exhibition, Eastriggs (just off the A75 between Annan and Gretna) This is the link to our website where you'll find entry...
  5. My 166 was built by the devil...

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello All... Thank you for this forum, it may help!!! I have a 1999 - 166, its currently got 166k on the clock... I bought it 3 years ago, and have had nothing but issues. It initially kept going into limp mode, and after starting the car a few times would reset itself. This issue has never...
  6. Taking on the Devil is in Detail'ing..

    Car Detailing
    Hello People, I am new to detailing(infact, just learnt the term yesterday before it was just car wash for me.) I have an Alfa Mito in Alfa Red which is about 7 weeks old. Just spent my weekend learning the tricks of detailing and getting my head around the nitty gritties. Before I head off...
  7. Devil Eye Headlights

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I don't know about you, but I like the little LEDs that Audi put on the R8. Ever since, alot of people have been accessorizing their cars with LEDs. Most of the time, they use some tacky stick-on LED strips and look way over done. I did a search to find out of there are such lights for my car...
  8. 156 JTD is it made by the Devil

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello All I'm a new member
  9. What the devil is THIS ??

    General Alfa Discussion
    1977 ALFA ROMEO MILANO SPIDER CONVERTIBLE on eBay, also, Alfa Romeo, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 29-Jun-08 19:16:54 BST) Never seen anything like this - any one else know the background on these cars ??? Never heard of them...
  10. The little devil on your shoulder!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Being an alfa driver I try not to get involved with the traffic light grand prix as I feel that alfas have nothing to prove etc. However, the little devil on my shoulder came out to play today! I was waiting at the lights when a mondeo ST220 pulled up along side me and started the engine...
  11. Little Red Devil...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Currently my GT is in having its brakes done as they squeal too much, so i have got a brand new 147ti to play around with! Was a bit dissapointed at first as I was hoping for a 159. Anyway got and felt at home straight away, and after a few mins of driving I had a big grin on my face :lol...
  12. red devil

    General Alfa Discussion
    what the hell has this bloke done to this car?, is that a flying saucer on the wing?, if he's on this site then he should be banned. yeah forgot duh lol.
  13. Food of the Devil

    Poll Room
    Disgusting food that can only be the invention of Satan. Your most hated....
  14. Viper Blue Devil

    General Motoring Discussion
    600hp, RWD, cheap leather seats, what do you want more from a car? :D Read on: linkylink PS: Driving school (probably) included for new owners ;)
  15. Mulled Wine - a cheering treat or Devil's P155

    Poll Room
    The title says it all really - I have made some for guests - in my opinion a waste of good alcohol. Paul
  16. Devil car!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well surprise surprise I m back on here and guess what I m going to say. Yes you guessed it. After the car fixing itself in a mysterious way unknown to me, it decided to unfix itself in the worst possible way. It broke down on the M1 in the middle of nowhere at midnight whilst I was all...
  17. the Old Devil Inn. Knowl Hill. Reading.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Any of you here in the South of our fine land ( I see there are plenty of Wee Jock McTartans!!!!! ((kidding guys an girls)) ) Does the Thames Area AROC still meet at the above pub ??? Has anyone been before ???? Is anyone going this Monday ????? Answers on a postcard ( or this thread'll do!!!)...
  18. Sorry Pasi, Fiat makes deal with the Devil

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just thought I would post this here. It comes straight from the Fiat press office. Basically it is another one of those no-news announcements, favoured by businesses to generate a little harmless PR. :rolleyes: Still I thought it might be of interest here. --Toronto ======= FIAT AUTO AND...