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  1. Our Proteo Red 147 detailed this weekend

    Motoring Images
    Hi all Had the 147 detailed this weekend. It's Proteo Red, and had definitely seen better days - faded, dull and covered in swirls. The guys who did it were top blokes, real enthusiasts for what they were doing and absolute perfectionists. They've been recommended on here before...
  2. 8C Spider detailed

    General Alfa Discussion
    Spotted this over on Detailing World and thought AOers might like it: 8C Spider detailed :thumbs:
  3. 147 Detailed

    Car Detailing
    Hi Guys, Detailed my 147 over the weekend. I can highyl recommend PoorBoys, Dark Hole glaze (for dark coloured cars, there is diamond one for light cars)
  4. 147 Detailed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Guys, I spent over 6hrs detailing my bella yesterday, and I still didn't get to do all the bits I wanted to such as wheels tyres and interior! Wash & Dried Clay Bar'd Wash & Dried Super Resin Polished Poor Boys Black Hole glaze (Awesome product) Nattys Wax Cold Stubby and...
  5. The 156 Sport all detailed up.

    Motoring Images
    My mate has a business in finding your right car, and as another string to his bow he has started detailing. This is some of his work, im very happy :thumbs:
  6. Yet another just detailed thread;)

    Motoring Images
    Just finished a full on paint correction on my old 916 Spider:thumbs: It has taken 28 hours in total, she looked OK before but under closer inspection was a big swirly monster with hundreds of random deep scratches:eek: Now she is swirl free and have got the vast majority of the RDS's out, so...
  7. New detailed Sud/Sprint/33 List

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    This thread is for a new - more detailed - more accurate list of how many suds/sprints/33's on this site. Starting with my cars, I would suggest the list to be created in this form : Suds: Member: Model: Status/MOT: Location: 1-...
  8. My 156 GTA Detailed, awesome job.

    Car Detailing
    Hi guys, had my car detailed at the weekend see : They spent 11 hours on my car and the enthusiasts that they are, done an amazing job. Paint work looks exceptional. They cover Manchester and...
  9. Freshly detailed 147 GTA

    Motoring Images
    Hello, me car was detailed yesterday by my mate Phil at Polished - Home - Car Valeting Middlesbrough - Detailing Services - Car Valeting - Middlesbrough - Stockton He's done an amazing job and told me its now a slightly different colour. I would recommend him to anyone, he's got OCD with...
  10. 156 GTA Detailed woo hoo

    Motoring Images
    Hey guys, Finally got my GTA detailed last weekend by enthusiasts. They spent 11 hours on it! All swirls gone, paintwork now looks AMAZING!!! Some swanky products were used as well as machine polishing. All I need to do now is get my wheels refurbed later this month and car will look...
  11. Detailed GTA. Nice. Very nice.

    Alfa GTA
    :inlove: Detail My Ride - Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - Detailing World
  12. i detailed my car today too :)

    Alfa 164 & 166
    after seeing the joys of detailing ones car i decided to do it myself too, also iv been meaning to post pics up of the 166 anyways. i also did the interior, i cleaned the leather and dash and the door cards etc etc... heres the finished result. apologies if the pics come out crap but im new to...
  13. Windscreen or dashboard rattle - detailed fix with pictures

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Came across Vesku's fix for the infamous 159/Brera dashboard rattle, and thought I would have a go. This has completely cured the rattle / resonance noise I have been having since day one. I know others advise silicone lube on the rubbers, but this solution permanently eliminates the root...
  14. Wanting to get my GTV detailed, but don't know what I want

    Car Detailing
    Looking for... - clarification of what I actually need - idea of cost Been trying to educate myself over on detailing world, but to be honest most of it is going well over my head, cant see the wood for the trees. I'll give you an idea of my current level of 'OCD' understanding (it's pretty...
  15. a few pics of my 147 detailed

    Car Detailing
    these pics are a few months old and were taken on my bb so excuse the poorish quality. im sure u get the idea though. i detail alot of my friends' cars during the summer and generally keep my car immaculate.
  16. 147 Detailed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    What a turnaround! A guy who posts on Detailing World posted some great pics a few weeks ago of a 147 he resurected via Detailing. He gave it a good machine with Dodo Juice Lime Prime followed by Purple Haze Wax amongst other products. Hes some boy with a polisher i'll say! White Details: Alfa...
  17. The GTA has been machine detailed! (lots of pics)

    Alfa GTA
    Ah, finally nice and shiny again! A good friend has given a whole day over to produce these excellent results, thanks mate! Pictures here >> The GTA post detail
  18. Detailed SZ

    Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    You guys might like to see this. Deanvtec - Alfa Romeo SZ - Detailing World
  19. Detailed my 156

    Motoring Images
    Well got a break in the weather and thought i'd try out my "Mothers" Polishes. Not polishes belonging to my mother, but you know what I mean. Recently debadged the rear, and will be putting a few choice decals (small ones near the side repeaters, Tricolore and a Quadrifoglio probably). Used a...
  20. Detailed Lexus IS220D Sport

    Car Detailing
    Last weekends effot on my dads lexus. Process Rinsed, 2 bucket method, rinsed again then dryed with 2x micro fibers Windows auto glym fast glass Wheels waxed with poorboys Tyers dressed with meguiers endrance tyer gel Archs dressed with auto glym vinyl and rubber Car waxed with chemical...