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  1. Alfa Giulia
    Someone has a QV getting the complete works at Bespoke Detailing near Nantwich and it looks the dog doodahs. I was getting my dog washed when I spotted it in the workshop and it does look immense. If you are on here, you are a very lucky guy!
  2. Car Detailing
    Though this might help someone- 10% Discount Code Detailed Clean will be closed from 15/11/18 to 27/11/18 while we upgrade our inventory systems, stock count and carry out staff training. But wait... we have a 10% discount code for you to use during this period. Enter Nov-2019 at checkout...
  3. Car Detailing
    Finally going to get round to washing the car at the weekend i think. Ive been recommended to use car pro fat boa and Reset shampoo. What are folks using on there wheels to get them clean?
  4. Alfa Giulia
    Hello So this is how my car is looking after full packaged detailing Andy at Unique Detail has done really a lovely job - so just a little marketing for him too Check out the video
  5. Alfa Giulia
    Can anyone provide detail side shots of the rearview mirror, including measuring the thickness of width and length of the stem? I'm trying to get J28Designs to make a BlendMount Radar Detector and GoPro Mount for the Giulia, therefore I can order one in advance as well
  6. South Africa
    Good afternoon all, This weekend I had the pleasure to detail Gustav's gorgeous Black OPC J As you can see the car had a fair amount of swirls and rids present After doing a test spot I opted for a LC Orange pad with FG400 and after 2 passes I was greeted by this :D So I set about the...
  7. South Africa
    Hi Guys, Here are a few pictures from the gorgeous Astra J OPC I detailed over the weekend :party0031: As you can see the paint was suffering from quite a few swirl marks with a few rids present, Before: After: Once I established what would be needed or the J's paintwork I cracked...
  8. South Africa
    A work colleague asked if there was anything I could do to brighten up his Headlights on his Astra 2.2 Looked at his lights and said I could sort these out for him no problem :D This what they looked like before hand which is typical for the Astra G's :rolleyes: After I worked my magic...
  9. South Africa
    What a gorgeous car to work on and it is in immaculate condition for a 2003 model Think most of you guys know the processes involved so I wont go into much detail on the correction process but here is a before and a 50/50 shot from early on in the detail Minor swirls which is to be...
  10. Alfa MiTo
    not had chance to find a decent spot to take some pics of my car yet since its had the new wheels on, been for a few drives but been at night. Anyways gave the car a good wash, iron x'd the whole car, clayed, polished and waxed. Fingers hurt a bit now as did it all by hand. Also had the rear...
  11. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Just had the old girl professionally machine polished to remove scratches and swirls. What you think?
  12. Motoring Images
    After being informed that images only work in here and me wanting to show off the 159 to it's best and do my usual commentary on the way I thought I'd leave the thread in the detailing section alone and put up all the pictures the way I like to do it over here, so I hope you like :D I started...
  13. South Africa
    Wow check this work out, this poor GT was in such a sad state. Nero Black Alfa GT - Detailed by Lawrence Great work done
  14. Alfa MiTo
    Somebody posted a link to this site in one of the G threads. Makes for an interesting read: I always thought the 0-60 time was 7.5 seconds, but that's the 0-62 time, so the factory have it at 7.1 seconds and this site have tested at 7 seconds...
  15. Car Detailing
    Detail completed on Brera S. Bodywork was full of micro-marring, scratches but very few swirls :confused: Anyway the process (in case you're interested) Bilt-Hamber Clay, Zymol HD Cleanse, then paint gauge readings taken (140-200, so not bad). GTechniq P1 Nano polish, several sweeps in some...
  16. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    this may have been posted before but stumbled across this review, some nice pics and stuff, almost might tempt me to buy one, its a shame i`ve already got one :) 2007 Alpha-Romeo GT - Top Speed sorry i`m a dinosaur and don`t know how to hyper link it or whatever its called.
  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    First time I've ever done clay detailing and I was surprised at the results. All that crap came straight off (and revealed a few chips that were hiding under dirt!). What an amazing looking car! :inlove::inlove::inlove:
  18. Motoring Images
    OK so after all this CV Boots installation problems, I did what I do "better" than mechanics and this is care for the paintwork lol. Also I wanted to take some pictures with the freshly painted lights as well :) Spend a few hours this morning... washed her thoroughly. Clay bared in detail...
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As above. The results look amazing I think and I don't think I have ever shown it on here so here goes. My mate did this for £40 but gave him more due to the effort and result. Hopefully someone doesnt say "wasnt that so and so's" or "wasnt that the one which failed everything" ha
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    Had a company i know pop round and detail the car today , looks like new not bad for 10yrs old 132k on clock ! Happy days shame its raining now tho !
1-20 of 54 Results