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    Attempted to look at a Giulia today at Stoneacre Wolverhampton. What a disappointment. The dealership is tiny and is full of Fiats and Jeeps. There is no impression of a brand reborn here, just another string in Stoneacre’s bow. Worse, there were no Alfas! The signage was all old style Alfa...
  2. General Alfa Discussion Expect some discounts on the Giulia?
  3. General Motoring Discussion
    I'm just catching up with the 5th Gear repeat for this week. I cant help but notice that the season of Top Gear was a meesly 6 episodes, and over before it had begun. Mrs Peach was surprised that I didn't want to hog the Sunday night telly viewing. And 5th Gear, which has improved massively...
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    Having just got back to an Alfa with a 2.5 166 I've started reading the posts here. My last Alfa was a 75 Twin Spark which I sold to my brother in law about 10 years ago. It seems, from postings here, that the current 4 cylinder is vastly inferior to the old twin cam 4. The 156/166 twin spark...
1-4 of 4 Results