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  1. Xmas Lunch - The Crown, Sheringham 13 December 2009

    East Anglia
    You are invited for lunch at The Crown in Sheringham on the 13th December 2008 for our East Anglia Xmas lunch :) Right then guys its time for an EA Xmas lunch meal and to keep tradition the plan is to go back to The Crown in Sheringham, the same place as last year. The table has been booked...
  2. Do We Want A Meet In Early December ?

    Well I do, and as Aaron is also going to be around it would be churlish not to ! :D So, bearing in mind that we have BLS on 21 Nov and I'm planning the Skeggie Meet for the 29 Dec we seem to have a chance of getting a little Meet together somewhere around the 10 - 20 Dec. I haven't finalized...
  3. My December holiday pics

    Motoring Images
    Some scenery from my holidays. We spent some time at the coast (not far from where Dirk lives), then went to a friend's farm in the mountains for a day, back to a different area on the coast, with some very interesting drives on the way. We did some serious dirt tracking (as you can see from...
  4. Midlands Breakfast Club - 07 December 2008

    Motoring Images
    Photos of all our cars at RAF Cosford for this event. See them all here: drivers71/ALFA Romeo/Breakfast Dec 2008 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Star of the bunch was Al Orchid's Spyder:
  5. National GT Day - 16th December

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is it National Alfa GT day today? I hardly ever see GT's out on the road, perhaps one every 4-5 weeks but today I drove past 3!! Stromboli Grey @ South Mimms and 2 Red, 1 in Hitchin and 1 in Buntingford. Waved at all 3, and no replies!
  6. Possible December meet

    West Midlands
    Guys n gals As the december meet was on christmas eve we thought it best not to have one . Aubery and I cannot make any other date in December due to other comittments :cry: But if any of you would still like a little get together without your friendly reps(the photo's might be better)...
  7. Melbourne Meet/Drive, Sunday 7th December

    International Events
    The Melbourne contingent on has decided its time for another meet. We're going up the Great Ocean Road to Lorne on Sunday for a nice drive. On the way back to Melbourne we'll go inland and find some fun roads. Everyone is welcome, if you want more info head over to •...
  8. Breakfast 07 December 2008

    West Midlands
    As the official Breakfast Club thread appears to be closed, or I appear to be stupid (form a queue please), let's try and provide a great show of WM Alfas for this event. I went to the Feb one (see photo - I was the ONLY Alfa there) and it was a great chance to see the plane thingies, apart from...
  9. North East Meet: December

    North East
    As we currently have no plans for a meet in December I thought I’d take the opportunity to invite suggestions form fellow north east members. Should we stick with what we know and have a meet at The Church Mouse one night during the week or should we try something different altogether?
  10. AOS Western Alfa meet - 1st December

    South Scotland
    Posting this on behalf of FF coz he's got a bust PC. Organised by AOS via Fast Frank and EcosseOz, with the help of Vantastic and the Dealer Principle at Western, Raymond Massie. Great day with consultations with the head technician (sorry, don't know his name ), a tour of the facility, test...
  11. Saturday 8th December

    South West
    I'm going to be in the South West with my new purchase (;)) around lunchtime on Saturday the 8th December. My mate's driving me down from York (nearly 500 miles round trip :eek:) so I said I'd treat him to lunch as well as his fuel, so will be getting lunch around Bristol - any local ALFA...
  12. ACE Cafe 8th December

    International Events
    Italian Night at the ACE cafe - December the 8th. It looks like there is going to be a healthy contingent from but all are invited. Whatever you drive, even if it's a Matta ;) , come along on the 8th! Buck
  13. French meeting december 6th

    International Events
  14. December Evo

    General Alfa Discussion
    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Evo magazine for providing over 2 hours of delight yesterday afternoon. I was 'jobbed up' (as we say around here) for the day. It was wet and cold outside and I had a roaring fire going that didn't require the attention of either the red...