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  1. That old Tyre debate............

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi All, I have to replace the rear tyres on my GTV ............. I'm not planning on racing.......... Would like a good quality tyre with a bit of grip, a tyre that isn't so hard it slides around, not too soft it wears out in 1000 miles ........... and something that doesnt generate loads of...
  2. Will this calculator end the petrol vs diesel debate?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Here's a calculator that compares a petrol car to the nearest equivalent diesel model taking into account 12k miles a year, list price and official consumption figures... Parkers ie comparing a Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2.2 JTS Lusso 4d to a 2.4 JTDM (210bhp) Lusso 4d For the diesel... Extra...
  3. The Tyre Debate, my Pirellis did sub 8K, what make next...?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All :) to continue the somewhat volatile tyre debate started by quite a few (not least poor old Hunters epic thread, who I maintain did the right thing in buy cost effective but safe tyres) So its my turn now... I've got 2 front tyres that look very thin on grip (still legal but only...
  4. What Car Petrol/Diesel debate?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Interesting article... link the last page shows the break-even point of various cars.
  5. GTV.......Babyseat debate

    General Alfa Discussion
    morning guys n ladies. ok i could really do with knowing if a maxi cosi baby seat will fit into a GTV but has to be in the back. cabriofix so no clip in box installed into the car. someone live near me to test it out? leeds !!! wooohoo.:lol: :lol: :cheese:
  6. High Octan Fuel Debate: The Final Answer

    General Alfa Discussion
    I have started threads and contributed to many others on the fuel topic. We have argued about V Power/Optimax, BP 102, Tesco High Octane and Esseo Super. Some say its a gimmick others swear by them. Anyway, a professional study run by Thorney Motorsport (Running BMW, Toyata and Vauxhalls) over...
  7. Warmup debate

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Guys, There are many different views on this topic. Should you warm up your car ie let it idle for a certain amount of time, or drive off straight away? In the Alfa handbook it suggests that driving off and warming up the car by keeping the revs low is better than sitting and idling. I tend...
  8. Agonizing debate over 156 purchase

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, my name is Vhanessa and I'm thinking of buying a red 2002 "preface-lifted" 156 with 56k KM and in pretty good shape, minor (I hope) bumps and bruises, along with some near invisible dings. Everyone I know(except the owner who just bought a yellow porsche) has told me not to! confused: Yet...
  9. Lets have ONE more Oil Debate

    General Alfa Discussion
    :lol: :lol: Went into Alfa dealer in Sheffield today to pick up 1ltr of Selenia 20K for topping up the beloved. Unlike some other Alfa service departments i've been in, the chap on the desk was really helpful and informative, He asked me had i ever considered using Selenia ACT (stands for All...
  10. response to last weeks smartalfa debate

    General Alfa Discussion
    having read through some of the posts from last week i feel i have to write with regard to a post thread"smart alfa cease trading" which was closed by a moderator. first of all let me just start by saying i (recently) bought a 147 from smartalfa. I can appreciate that some of you on here have...
  11. wood trim debate

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As, wrinx will testify i am currently changing my dash finish. My Veloce will therfore end up with a wood-u-like dash and possibly wheel. According to some then i guess i should be driving a Rover. Thing is i've always liked wood and it will go well with my Irish grey leather. Not sure about...
  12. Wheel debate again!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Thinking of polishing me rim edges on me Speedlines,done the Fondmetals on me Levin like this as they are 7x16 (100mm pcd) tried them on the 155 2 see whot they'd look like.....wot U think ;) ...............Narlo...........
  13. Importing - The great debate

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi I thought I enter the discussion to give people my experiences of importing. It may help those who are deciding whether it is a good option. 1. Ordered 2litre 147 lusso with all the bits in August for a delivery in November. Potentially saving around £4k on a discounted dealer price. Still...