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  1. 2019 Giulia Veloce deals

    Alfa Giulia
    Are there any good deals going at the moment or can anyone recommend a dealer that are giving good discounts looking for a new Veloce. Willing to travel but looking around the North West first. I've asked a dealer about the MY2020 facelift Giulia but have no details yet and are saying they...
  2. Koni Sport Shocks V6 - Any deals going?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hey all, Anybody know of any good deals for a full set of these (not Koni STR)? Cheapest I've found is about £665? Thanks. Matt
  3. Alfa SA offers GFV deals

    South Africa
    About Traxion This seems to be quite new. Wish they would actually advertise this. I just happened to stumble upon it while looking up Giulia prices. These GFV deals seem to be gaining popularity in SA and other car manufacturers have been offering them for quite a while now. You can get a...
  4. Rivals deals

    Alfa Giulia
    Whilst waiting for my new Giulia I keep looking at my local dealers website (Arnold Clark Linwood) to see their latest deals. Nothing has come close to the £5375 I got off in December, but I did notice they have discounted a whopping £10410 from a brand new C Class C220d sport 9G-Tronic on a PCP...
  5. Alfa 4C PCH Deals

    4C & 4C Spider
    Still on the lookout for a coupe or falling that a spider but feel I’ve probably missed out the best recent PCH deals. I’ve seen a spider deal at Beechdale Derby with £393 a month but that’s pretty much it. I’m guessing there are still a few spiders knocking about in dealers. Any thoughts?
  6. Giulia Deals

    Alfa Giulia
    What sort of deals are available at the moment? I'm considering options currently as I'm piling on the miles in the 335i. BMW will currently give a £5000 contribution, plus another 5% without too much squeezing on a fully laden 335x drive, with 1.9% Apr. Makes a £50k car affordable on a PCP...
  7. Careful with the new PCP deals and the extra £2K

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anybody thinking of replacing their Mito or Giulietta early using the extra £2000 allowance should consider the terms. I wasn't, but noticed elsewhere that the PCP no longer guarantees the future value. You could be going from having the mgfv to just an "optional payment". I checked my...
  8. Veloce lease / PCP deals

    Alfa Giulia
    Just a quick one to gather peoples thoughts. It turns out i can voluntarily terminate my PCP on my BMW in 3 months time and hand the keys back. This i intend to do as my 6 series is depreciating rapidly and will be out of warranty at the end of the year and needing an m.o.t etc Ive come...
  9. Lease deals on the Speciale

    Alfa Giulia
    Beechdale Derby have a stonking lease offer on the Speciale at the minute PCH Offers | Derby | Beechdale Motor Group that's £319 (inc VAT) with 6 months upfront, and on a 2 year lease! That's the best I've seen yet and it may even prompt me to get one instead of waiting for the Veloce
  10. Where are the deals?

    Alfa Giulia
    As I got my car nicked a while ago I'm on the lookout for a replacement, can't deny the Giulia caught my eye. Although I'm in bed with ze German's and it's not a bad place to be, I won't deny it I'm on the fence. What could swing it is a good deal, I get that it'll take a while to sort out...
  11. Alfa Romeo Contract Hire Deals

    360 Autolease
    Hello thought i'd start by posting a link to the Personal Lease Deals or Personal Contract Hire if you prefer on the New Giulia Personal contract hire Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon cars Giulia Interior - Lusso Pack with Beige Leather
  12. Giulia lease deals

    Alfa Giulia
    I have randomly spotted lease deals starting to crop up, thought would maybe be a good idea to compile ones we find here. E.g. Alfa Romeo Giulia Lease Deals - YourFleet starting at £429/m with 3 months upfront Starting...
  13. Alfa Finance Deals now online it seems

    Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio (sad face) looks like I'm gonna have to leave it for now, the GFV is obv lower as anticipated, I would never plow £7k into a deposit. Reducing this to £1000 using...
  14. Lease Deals

    Alfa Giulia
    Has anyone seen or is anyone aware of any Lease Deals for the new Giulia?
  15. FRIDAY Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight! Section
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  16. Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!! Section
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  17. Deals that end March 31st

    Alfa Giulietta
    Afternoon All, The missus' lease on the 208 is up very soon and we have been looking at what to replace it with. We want a slightly bigger car, one that can cope with a small family. Been considering 308 and Mazda 3, both lovely cars and even the Fiat 500X which is keenly priced but we have...
  18. Best Video Game Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015 · PSN ...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Best Video Game Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015 · PSN ...
  19. MORE BLACK NOVEMBER DEALS Arriving: NOV 11 & 14
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