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  1. South Scotland
    Some good news about a dealership for a change. A new Alfa dealership is opening in Perth. It will be located along side the Fiat/Jeep dealership at Inveralmond.
  2. North Scotland
    Some good news about a dealership for a change. A new Alfa dealership is opening in Perth. It will be located along side the Fiat/Jeep dealership at Inveralmond.
  3. Alfa Giulia
    Hi everyone. Ive been let down and lied to by my current Alfa dealership so looking for a trusted dealership not too far away from me. I see that Beechdale Derby is within reach. Anyone got any experience with their servicing, good or bad? Need another garage to look after my QV
  4. South Scotland
    Hi... We will be moving to Scotland (Isle-of-Bute) during the next six months or so. Where, if any, is the nearest Alfa Romeo Dealership to the Clyde area and, are they any good? Otherwise, it'll be a couple of hours drive, down to 'Alfalusso', in Cumbria. Alfa Romeo are their own worse enemy...
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Just had an email from Blackburn Motorpark they advise they are closing that site and transferring sales and service of Fiat Renault and Volvo to there other sites. It states the other sites do not support Alfa Romeo and customers should contact Preston Motorpark for service requirements only...
  6. Alfa Giulia
    So here's a funny story. Having had my car for just over 3 weeks now Giulia veloce ( contract car) sourced from a main dealer. received a phone call this afternoon, from the dealership saying they made complete mess and that my VIN number on my contract is not the same as the car i am driving...
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    As I left work tonight they were putting up an FCA - Fiat, Abarth, Jeep, Alfa Romeo tomb stone sign up at the Portfield garage on Bognor road. It used to be Citroen/Peugeot, then they dropped Citroen and took on Subaru for a while but they have recently been taken over by Snows. They now have...
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all, I have a limited edition Alfa Romeo GT Blackline, 2008, alloy wheels, 54,000 miles, 2.0 litre petrol, 16 valve, right hand drive, new tyres, new brakes, new fuel injectors and new crankshaft. The last car designed by Bertone - rather beautiful. Here are pics:
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Hello Everyone I hope i'm allowed to do this on the forum, if not please let me know and I'll take this post down ASAP. Ive just listed my pride and joy of an Illuminated Alfa sign on ebay (142353473589 ) I have a Lancis sign on there too (142353455479) and a Ducati one (142353436885) I really...
  10. Alfa Giulia
    So, my Giulia QF arrived at the dealership today and they sent me some photos of it at the valeters. To my horror, I noticed it's got the wrong wheels. I ordered the 19" Dark 5 Holes and it's come with 19" Dark Quadrifoglios. My order form states the correct wheels. The dealership has admitted...
  11. South Africa
    Taking my car to SuperGRP for a service tomorrow, at Cnr of New Road and Lever Road, Midrand, Any reviews/feedback?
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Our one and only Alfa Romeo dealership in Egypt is below standard. They also don't accept Alfa 156/147 unless in mint condition. Oils such as tutela don't get sold unless u do the service inside. Most mechanics have no Alfa training and learn as they go. The call centre is useless. I'm going to...
  13. South Africa
    I have driven past the Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge/Fiat/Alfa dealership in Brooklyn a few time during the past few weeks and was not able to see a single Alfa on display (visible from street level at least). This is tragic. Before, there was usually at least one Giulietta visible from the street. On...
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    So, I was told today by the dealership that serviced my G that new Alfas don't always come by boat, and that some come by train across Europe, or even by road transporter. As such a new car can be delivered from the factory to the dealership in anything from 1 to 6 weeks. The dealership had...
  15. Alfa MiTo
    So, collected my Mito Cloverleaf yesterday, happy apart from some poor detailing by the dealership inc a small scratch but agreed to take it back later to rectify, no problem really. Take the car out for a run and all's good until we decide to come home, at this point the UConnect Nav decides...
  16. South Africa
    I was driving past the Brooklyn Mall the other day and I noticed that there is a new Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Alfa dealership in Middle Street just opposite the Brooklyn Mall. There was a Giulietta in the showroom and a teardrop banner with a 4C on it outside, but I didn't see any actual Alfa...
  17. Alfa Giulietta
    Just noticed that the two brand-new tyres which were fitted to my used Giulietta by the Alfa dealership I bought it from are a different speed rating to those which were already on the car. They fitted 92W but the existing tyres were 92Y. Tyre size is 225/40/18. Is this an issue? Should I...
  18. South Africa
    A new Alfa dealership has opened. NMI-DSM Umhlanga 2 Canegate rd Umhlanga Ridge 031 575 1500 The branch in Old Fort Rd continues as an Alfa dealership.
  19. 4C & 4C Spider
    Proud owner followed the delivery truck for miles on end until we arrived at the dealership :cheese:
  20. South Africa
    Guys, there was a thread about dealerships, the GOOD and the BAD started by someone on here earlier this year. I've searched but can't find. That thread needs to be updated...where is it?
1-20 of 96 Results