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  1. Alfa Giulia
    I've been given a build date for my Veloce week commencing 20th May and a delivery to dealer date of Friday 12th July. That's 8 weeks post build lead time excluding dealer prep. That's about a month longer that the Super I ordered back in 2017. Is this normal now?
  2. West Midlands
    Please see the advertised big meets that are planned, the main one for the West Midlands (and the biggest) will be at Western Park on the 1st July - Tickets are only £5.00.
  3. South East
    29th April Auto Italia day Brooklands.Surrey 9th July National Alfa day Knebworth house, Herts. 24th Sep - Southern Alfa Day - Royal Gunpowder Mills Waltham Abbey Essex
  4. South East
    Sunday 17th April Spring Edition - V6 Super Run... Sunday 22nd May Annual 916-Series GTV/Sider Run... Sunday 17th July...
  5. Yorkshire
    Just a few dates of various shows / events around the Yorkshire area that might interest car buffs / petrol heads ...... April 19th YTCC (Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club) Tadcaster Show , John Smiths Brewery Car Park April 26th Spring Alfa Day, Duxford April 26th East Yorkshire Drive It...
  6. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I'm researching production dates of Alfa GT for wiki Alfa 147, 156, 159, 166, GT production dates » Yaroslav Bozhdynsky's Personal Website It seams now that it was produced between 2003 and 2008 and not 2010 I didnt find VIN number higher than 5270671 (11/3/2008, 73070) Does anyone have higher...
  7. East Midlands
    .... for a breakfast meet at the Salt Box Cafe :D
  8. East Midlands
    As per last year, I'll add forthcoming events in here for your ease and convenience :thumbs: Breakfast meet at the Salt Box Cafe - Hatton Sunday lunch with Halibut at the...
  9. West Midlands
    Here are the provisional dates for regular Monthly Meets within the West Midlands for you to ‘pencil in’ in your diaries. Meets are simply social evenings for people who either have, own or love Alfa’s where sometimes food and drink are consumed whilst generally chatting and having a pleasant...
  10. West Midlands
    It's back ladies and gents. Updates are now going to be on Facebook, I'll be first to say a massive thanks to Coxy, top man for sorting this out. To quote: "OK, we have 5 dates 'provisionally' booked for 2013. I will confirm these sometime next...
  11. UK National Events
    2013 Events not to miss? Whats going on 2013? So far, the Italian car show in Bristol may/jun ish anything else worth a visit? Also fancy a hill climb as Ive never been
  12. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Im in the process of trying to find a decent 2.5 V6 156 to use for a project. When calling people to find out if its an EU2 or EU3 model though is there any way of telling except locating the ECU. Most average sellers dont have a clue what one looks like / where to find it etc, so im wondering...
  13. North East
    How about a pub or cafe meet and chat (either an evening at the Church Mouse - or similar - or a morning at the A68 cafe)? What about Sunday 22nd? Also......Curry Night? Wondering if a post pay-day curry blow-out might be in order? I'll say Feb 8th and will wait for the usual plethora of...
  14. East Midlands
    I'll update this page as and when more details are available etc.... but here are some dates you might just want to keep free in your diary :D 18th February - Breakfast XI - looky here -
  15. Lincolnshire
    Just a heads up for you about some National Events. Spring Alfa Day - Sunday 29th April - Cotswolds Wildlife Park, Burford, Oxfordshire. National Alfa Day - Sunday 12th August - Newby Hall, Ripon. Not that convenient for us this year, again. :( No news on MITCAR yet, fingers crossed that it...
  16. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi, I am new to the forum. 6 weeks ago I ordered my G, 140 diesel:), so far the dealer has not been able to give me a build date, however he still says it will be here in 6 to 7 weeks, which seems optimistic. Has anyone else experienced a delay in getting the build date confirmed and is any...
  17. International Motor Sport
    If anyone is interested, attached copy of events and dates for Donington Park 2011.......BSB and other bike events marshaled by Racesafe are not shown, only BMMC events.....
  18. Introduce Yourself
    I am looking to purchase one Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Veloce with a chassis number AR245316 and wonder if some one can tell me the date it left Arese. Also, how do relate the engine number with the chassis number. Thank you for your help on this matter Inigo
  19. Poll Room
    It seems whenever I try and organise this Brighton run, we end up with just Commanderfish and myself rsvp-ing as yes on the final day! I know there are some guys out there who are well up for this but the date hasn't suited them yet, so I'm having a poll where we can choose a date between us...
  20. South Africa
    So lets hear the ideas boys
1-20 of 39 Results