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  1. Alfa Giulia
    Quite a few people have fitted the 295 Michelin PS4S tyres to their cars, and some are reporting rubbing while others say there is no issue. It would be very helpful if those with the 295 tyres could share their build dates and whether or not they have had any issues with rubbing? This way we...
  2. Alfa Giulia
    Hey all, was trying to find out the build date of my car from the sticker on the door frame. Firstly the only sticker I can find is on my passenger door side. It appears that some stickers have a date of manufacture but I cannot see one on mine. Does anyone have this on their door frame sticker...
  3. Alfa Giulietta
    I have just had to replace my battery for the first time and now have not only the incorrect time but it flashing. i have been into menu and settings but there is no time or date anywhere to be seen. I have google and found no answers....please help. I have a 2013 Guillietta ..... Love my car...
  4. Alfa Stelvio
    Has anyone looked into a Stelvio QF in the UK - I don't think there is any official info about release date or pricing yet but perhaps someone has some inside info? And has anyone on here driven one yet - obviously not in the UK? We've got another sproglet on the way and may need more space than...
  5. East Midlands
    is Saturday April 22nd Keep your eyes peeled on this :thumbs:
  6. Alfa MiTo
    HI Is there a way to set date/time settinge after removing B&M Modul? I have no more the settinges in Dashboard-Menu. With the button on the lever i only can reset trips or browse throught views. Only if i install back the B&M and the original radio, i see the date/time settings in menu at...
  7. General Motoring Discussion
    Evening gang, My MOT is not due for renewal until Jan 2017 but looking ahead, doing it this month would be better for me logistically. I know I'm surrendering two months' MOT by doing this (what has to be has to be...), but can I check... I'm not missing anything doing it this way am I? I know...
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well I've been in ownership of my beautiful Atlantico Blue GT Cloverleaf for over a year now. It hasn't been without it's problems, but in general it's been a positive experience and I'm still over the moon I got it. I still love driving it, it puts a smile on my face and that's what we all...
  9. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can someone tell me what is the manufacture date of my 147 1.6 120hp ? I'm trying to find it by the VIN but I just got : 2002 Since after 03/2002 there was some change, and the catalytic converter (and maybe other parts) changed - I need to know the month of production. Until feb 2002: number...
  10. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi guys/gals.. my engine number is H7048 could anyone know what year it from and confirm that it is a 1750cc. cheers barry
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    Well... it seems irrelative but it is relative. Guys... I am on a date with a new chick (yesterday).... and we are drinking. Then suddenly she calls my Alfa a Ford! Really that was a turn off for me. :alien: What would it be for you? :thumbup: (Of course I am a bit kidding about it)
  12. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi, MY giulietta has the pop up nav screen. every few months it resets the date and time. Anybody seen this before. cheers
  13. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    There seems to be some questions on the forum recently about buying a Brera so I thougt I would update my experience so far. When I decided to sell my JTS 156 I started to look for a 159 or maybe a GT, the Brera was dismissed on cost. I decided rightly or wrongly to dismiss the GT as I thought...
  14. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've just bought a Continental branded and boxed cam belt for my 20v. I notice on the box there's printed INSTALL <2/2012. Any experience or comments, anyone? DO belts have a sell-by date? :confused:
  15. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have a 156 Turismo that has the date on the info center. However, when I look in the manual to see how to set it it says to use the info and +- buttons but these are just blanking plates on my console. How the hell do I do it? It's driving me mad.
  16. Alfa MiTo
    Hi, Does anybody know of any websites where i can check the warranty end date for my car? I have looked on Elum and the mopar website ( which lists warranty start date but nothing about the end date. I bought in in 2013 and believe it to have the 5 year warranty but...
  17. East Midlands
    Keep this free in your diary ... Saturday April 25th :thumbs: BIAMF More details to follow so I'll make it a sticky one :D
  18. Alfa 164 & 166
    The date code on CD player Satty navvy etc always leaves me perplexed and bemused. THEN the shower went kerplunk the other day. Phoned maker and the serial no was a date stamp. 0613 so made week 6 in 2013......cannae make sense of Alfa date stickers butt eye um shure fur certain twill be summit...
  19. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just bought a cam belt kit for my 2.0 ts. When I checked the box it was made in 2006! Is it still ok to use?
  20. General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Likely Debuting Mid-2015 Apparently from Sergio Marchionne June 24 new Giulia to be unveiled, hope it looks this good in reality.:wow:
1-20 of 106 Results