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  1. Knocking flywheel, Is it dangerous?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello guys! I have one problem with my Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 16V, from 2 years my mechanics cant find the problem with my car. When wheather is cold, my car knocking untill the engine temperature goes to 60-70 degrees. I think the problem is in the flywheel. Can you tell is it problem to drive the...
  2. Xenon bulb replacement dangerous

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone give a definitive answer on the safe way to replace Xenon bulbs? There is plenty of conflicting advice on the internet easy or likely to cause death ! I have no issue with removing the bumper and the entire headlight units from the car, I have done so many times before for sidelight...
  3. Xenon bulb replacement dangerous

    Alfa GTA
    Can anyone give a definitive answer on the safe way to replace Xenon bulbs? There is plenty of conflicting advice on the internet easy or likely to cause death ! I have no issue with removing the bumper and the entire headlight units from the car, I have done so many times before for sidelight...
  4. Leaking heater matrix dangerous?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So first off, it's not my Alfa thankfully. However we're pretty sure my dads car has a leaking heater matrix. Water in the cabin which is not fresh and the car is losing coolant etc. Now he's tried to book it in with the dealer (car is under warranty) and they can't get him until next week...
  5. Driving a Giulia can be dangerous

    Alfa Giulia
    ...other drivers get distracted! :) I had my first "long trip" with my Giulia last weekend, apart of the insane fuel economy at an average speed of 65 mph...there were many cars slowing down while overtaking and looking at my beautiful red Giulia :) My dashcam captured this biker, he spent...
  6. Dangerous Dave 74

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Dave. I am getting your PMs ok, check your mailbox isn't full. You are only allowed 40
  7. Britains most dangerous roads

    General Motoring Discussion
    A boring report, but some important work. Shockingly, you are 8 times safer on an M-Way than on a single carriageway road. But Motorways and A roads account for nearly half accidents, although only 10% of the road network. An excellent example of the joy of statistics, both facts are true...
  8. This sounds Dangerous! Hissing.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Ok, so I was driving my 156 2.5 V6 down a road with speed humps, slowly. went over a bump, accelerated away and suddenly heard the sound of hissing fluid as if a pipe had burst. The hissing lasted about 5 seconds and stopped once pressure had balanced it seems. Fearing the worst, I coaxed the...
  9. is it dangerous?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    3 months ago on my mot an advisory was added that the lower front wishbones would need replacing and sure enough a month ago a knocking noise started on the front drivers side. Im pretty sure this is the LWB, i cant get it replaced for another 3 weeks as i need the car... Is it dangerous to...
  10. Are lowered cars more dangerous?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I've ordered a lowering kit, but a friend pointed out that lowered cars are by far less safe in an accident. Fith gear conducted the test below. I would be interested to know what AO think about this? Cheers. Fifth Gear - height crash test - YouTube
  11. Dangerous taxi driver - worth reporting?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Driving home from work through Weybridge this evening I witnessed a knob driving a VW Sharan minicab (AW03 AOF). Number one: He was parked on the side of the road, facing the oncoming traffic. Nothing coming in his direction, he set off which involved pulling across a car coming towards him on...
  12. DANGEROUS Fuel Pump Wiring

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello All! On trying to get to the bottom of why the fuel gauge on my 02' 147 2.0 Selespeed wasn't working I thought i'd take a look at the fuel pump/level sender connections that are underneath a black cover under the rear seats... And found something pretty awful really, it seems like...
  13. The Most Complex and Dangerous Roads in the World.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just spotted a blog listing the top 19 most complex and dangerous roads in the world. So I thought I'd share. :D The 19 most complex and dangerous roads in the world | By the Waze Good to see Spaghetti Junction made the list. :lol:
  14. dangerous fumes

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Help! after many problems with my 156 1.8 ts i have now fallen out with trader who has not rectified was burning oil through tail pipe and also letting fumes into cabin. this was put down to the seal at the bottom of dipstick which had disintegrated,temporary fix with sealant seamed...
  15. Careless or Dangerous driving?

    Announcements & Comments
    Is it Careless or Dangerous driving? We often hear of incidents where the driver of a vehicle has been charged with one of the following; - Causing Death by Dangerous Driving - Dangerous Driving - Careless and Inconsiderate Driving According to current UK legislation, a driver is guilty of...
  16. Most Dangerous?

    Poll Room
    What's the most dangerous of the following activities to perform whilst driving? None have been explicitly outlawed, to my knowledge, but I've first hand seen people do them all. (:eek:)
  17. Most dangerous EU countries to drive in...

    General Alfa Discussion
    When driving in Europe... Out of the top 10 I've only driven in Poland.
  18. Armed & dangerous

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well finally got my new top arm fitted today, the passenger side started squeaking around 25-30K miles. But it looks like the bottom is also going to need replacing...She drives much better now anyways...Did the front pads as well you'd think by now they would have sorted the whole wishbone...
  19. Selespeed Is Dangerous

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Today my selespeed wouldn't select a gear whilst at a railway level crossing, lucky enough though it would go into reverse. I had my 6 year old daughter in the car. How many people are having problems with selespeed. It is dangerous and I urge everyone to write or phone their local trading...
  20. Is a high engine oil level bad and/or dangerous? :eek:

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi everyone! I've had my Brera 2.2 SV for 2.5 weeks and about 900 miles. I've checked the oil a few times and it is high - about 4 inches ABOVE the maximum level. I got the manual out yesterday, and it is a translation from Italian into pigeon English, but I think it's saying you should NEVER...