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  1. Proud Dad Moment

    General Alfa Discussion
    Nobby Jr’s first car [emoji3] Chip off the old block after all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Searching for Dad's dark blue '74 GTV in Connecticut

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    My father had a 1974 GTV in dark blue. He raced it at Lime Rock with the Aston Martin club for a while, then "sold it to a guy in Norwalk." This was all in the 80s. I'm hoping to get a line on it in the hopes of perhaps bringing it back into the flock. We were living at 43 Glenville Rd in...
  3. Influx Magazine - Dad Cars

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Hi ladies and gents, We just wanted to let you all know about the latest edition of Influx Magazine, the motoring mag put together by us here at Adrian Flux. This time we reminisce about the ordinary cars that our Dads would have driven. Let us know what you think...
  4. Drove my dad's new Golf today

    General Motoring Discussion
    Upon their UK return last year, my folks bought a MK5 Golf 1.6 FSI manual. It did its job for the time it took them to make a new home here and they clocked up 10k in it. I went in it maybe once or twice, and two things stood out; the ride quality was just superb (15" wheels), and how quiet it...
  5. favorite car your dad had

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    alfetta 1.8 i also loved the grey fiat 132 he had for many years:thumbs:
  6. Dad and his Giulietta

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  7. Got my Dad this GTA

    South Africa
    So the guy I got the GTV6 from put up his GTA for sale. Car is in mint condition, his cars are well taken care of, so I decided to get it for my dad. Was down in Durban over the Easter weekend and test drove it, felt good driving a fast V6. Huge difference compared to the GTV6 2.5...1 issue is...
  8. what's the first car you remember your dad having?

    General Motoring Discussion
    my dad had a mini traveller when i was born (1971) but i don't remember it. i do, however, clearly remember the one he had after that - an austin 1300 GT which he bought new in 1973 and kept in until 1980 he always said it was his favourite car so i was just having a trawl around t'internet...
  9. Dad replied - Dont waste your money on a Alfa son, there rubbish!!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hiya, Im a new member, going through a mid life crisis hence the Alfa purchase My old car gave up the ghost the same day the world was supposed to end -21/12/12 I bought a Alfa Romeo156 swagon last Saturday after lots of research & ignoring advice from others. Family, friends & work colleagues...
  10. I think my Dad was proud ...

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    ... as he stood next to my 911SC in 1991 :D
  11. My Dad's Alfasud ti ...

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    ... thirty six years ago :D
  12. Update on my dad's car.

    South Africa
    So, my dad decided to give the car back to Chris...we are just waiting for the money we gave him:rant: We then got wind of a white 156 2.5 in total imaculate condition, thanks Frost, I'm going to go see and drive it on Friday and then we are going to take that car, I'm also picking up a set of...
  13. I'm a dad!!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Of a 159 2.2 JTS :lol: Left early this morning and made my way to Chesterfield to meet up with a member form here (156to159) which had the car for sale, after couple of hours driving around the beautiful Peak District area, I've signed the paperwork and handed in the cash. The car is an 06...
  14. The day my dad dissed my Polo!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Clocking my four new Continental tyres, my dad drew deep on his cigarette this cold morning, and took in the condition of my car. He spotted the dent in the wing (caused when a wheelie bin hit it), the dent in the lower rear valence (caused when I reversed into a traffic cone), and the four...
  15. (V6Hughes this is your thread) ... Wow Dad that's a nice car ..

    General Alfa Discussion
    ... said daughter #2 as she looked over my shoulder whilst I was on AO, the car she was pointing to was V6Hughes GTV, she then asked if she could buy it for me for Christmas (that's my girl) ... ... but then she thought abit more ... Dad but I don't have any moneys (being Age 5 she doesn't...
  16. Test drove my dad's next car

    South Africa
    I had a look at the 3.2 GT 2006 model. Black Red leather interior - drivers side stich came loose. 80 000kms Wildcat exhaust system exiting through 4 pipes 18's looks good with no scratches FSH 1.5 years left on SA waranties engine looks damn clean, too clean maybe. had alternator and starter...
  17. My Dad's an accident!

    South Africa
    He spent so much getting this car up to scratch... It was a good looking car, he was going to get the Zender bumpers, already has the skirts, cambelts, waterpump etc all done a couple of months ago...this car went very well for a car with 280 000kms on the Le'Abatte used to work...
  18. Is it a dad thing...

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I don't really need one... but since the birth of our little one, i've got this strong desire to own a Sportwagon! :eek: Not just any... true to form i've got specifics :rolleyes:, i.e. it must be in Alfa Red (Carbonio at a push) 2.4 ti Q4, with roof rails! To make matters worse they...
  19. My dad lands job that could give me 20% off new alfa

    General Alfa Discussion
    My old man has just started working for a company thats owned by finmerrica (or somthing like that) who own a large stake of alfa, from the pre fiat days. so I can get about 16% off new giuliettas and mitos, and 20% off 159, spider and brera. So come time to get ride of my 2008 159 next year...
  20. MiTo and my dad.

    Alfa MiTo
    I'm a happy Guilietta owner. Had a few MiTo demos and courtesy cars, loved them. My dad is a 65+. He likes my G. I admire the way he gets 60mpg out of his Skoda. He is a fully police trained driver, and I would still struggle to stay with him on a winding road. He has been building cars from...