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  1. North East
    If you see me nosh a rogan josh And I crave kerahi each time we meet Walk on bah-ji.....walk on bah-ji Make believe that you don't see the beers Just let me eat, passander 'cause each time I see you I desire balt-i Anyone fancy a scran?
  2. North West Even scruffy NW types would be allowed in, if any happen to be passing.:waving::doh: I won't be attending, if that helps. ;)
  3. Yorkshire Even tight-fisted yorkie types would be welcomed. :waving:
  4. North East
    Let's celebrate the festive season in style by all meeting up at our* favourite pub, Number Twenty Two (Coniscliffe Road, Darlo) for a couple of glasses of mulled wine then pop next door to our** favourite Indian restaurant, Reema, for a Turkey Vindaloo! *My. **Dave's.
  5. North Scotland
    Hi all. The long awaited 2nd Curry Night of the Mearns Chapter will be on the 1st of November at The Alma in Laurencekirk. As previously we'll meet at The Alma for 7:30pm to enjoy a lovely curry and some convivial banter. Please RSVP asap so that I can book the table. Rooms available at The...
  6. North East
    Dear Curry Lovers, You are cordially invited to an evening of Indian grub-noshing in beautiful Darlington town centre. The date - Thursday 7th November 2013 The time - 7pm (meet at No 22 - a tavern of some repute) with a view to dining from 8pm at a local Curry Palace. Come one, come all...
  7. Yorkshire
    Fellow Yorkshire People We shall be meeting on Thursday 25th July at 7pm at the Aagrah Curry house for a lovely meal and some good banter. Details here : I've spoke to the resturant who require roughly two weeks notice to book our table...
  8. Yorkshire
    Hey ups fellow Yorkshire people. Given all the interest in our region lately which is great, whats everyone's thoughts on having a curry night somewhere ?? Suggestions are welcomed for the location but please bare in mind people given the size of our region you might have a bit of of a drive...
  9. Wales South
    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. Seeing as the idea of a curry night has had a good response, here is the official (more organised and convenient) date. :lol: It is on a Saturday and I hope all or most can attend. I understand some work shifts and weekends. The restaurant is the Raj...
  10. Wales South
    ok guys who is up for this and what night do you think is best? i need an idea of numbers before i start a thread:)
  11. North East
    Who's up for a curry? When? Wednesday 15th May. Where? Darlo Time? 22s for beer at 7.30pm. Reema for curry at about 8.30/9pm.
  12. North West
    Folks we've had an idea :D How would you like a curry night once a month? All suggestions are welcome :thumbs: We could alternate and have a curry night on the East of AONW and general scoff meet on the West of AONW :) Just a thought let us know what you think :D
  13. North Scotland
    Hey Folks Thought i would start a separate thread on this. you are aware i will soon be relocating overseas to Dubai :cool: I was thinking of organising going out for a curry and a few beers on Saturday 16th March. So far Dinomito and Benzinahead have said they are available. If...
  14. North Scotland
    As previously discussed folks, we'll be having a Curry and Pint night at The Alma in Laurencekirk on Saturday the 2nd of February. Meet at The Alma from 7 for 7.30 meal. For those who want to, we can then head along to The Western Inn for some more refreshments and witty banter from the...
  15. North East
    time for spicy loveliness :) This WAS going to be 3rd.........but it's now 2nd (Tuesday).............Hope that is ok.:) Come on in, the dhal is lovely! :thumbs:
  16. North East
    Putting an early marker down for curried comestibles. Open to suggestions, as ever, of where to go. :)
1-16 of 37 Results