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  1. Honda CR-V

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    Specially for you CR-V drivers :lol: Not the most exciting of cars, too many variations and models to comment on. Launched in 1995 and currently in its 4th generation. Started out like most 4x4's of the time, fairly agricultural and boxy and steadily gets more "soft". They have got better...
  2. Do we need a specific Honda CR-V or General SUV lounge?

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    Well? Plenty of those HondaCR-V Drivers around. 4 at the last count. :confused:
  3. After driving the CR-V for 2 months.......

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    I charged the battery on the Alfa last night, and took it out today for half an hour. I'd forgotten how great it feels. How nice and small and grippy the wheel sharp the steering is. How not actually as bad as I thought it was the ride was.
  4. Honda CR-V Mk1

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