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  1. Alfa Romeo Proving Ground Events At Croft

    North East
    I'm booked in for 1pm on Sunday 26th. Anyone else going? If not, get signed up. Interest Register | Alfa Romeo Proving Ground
  2. Nostalgia Weekend At Croft

    North East
    I might gan on Sunday. Nostalgia Weekend At Croft
  3. Special Saloons To Roar At Croft Again

    North East
    Special Saloons to roar at Croft again
  4. Urgent! Pads needed at croft!

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    hi guys i had a call from Rodger, Sprint68, who as you know races 2 x Sprints, and the No.67 white Sprint has shot its pads, and they are urgently needed at Croft Circuit DL2 2PL, in time for tomorrows event. the pads will be needed by around midday, early afternoon latest. the car is running...
  5. Jack Frost rally at croft

    North East
    [No message]
  6. Christmas Stages Rally @ Croft

    North East
    Christmas Stages Rally
  7. AROC Sprint Series Croft 4th September

    General Alfa Discussion
    The CTR Alfatune AROC Sprint Series travels to Croft on the 4th September. This is a great opportunity to drive on this well known circuit which the late Jim Clark helped to design. Booking is now available here: AROC 4th September - Croft The series needs support to continue, so if you...
  8. Cartersport Jack Frost Stages Rally - Croft Circuit, 16th January 2011

    Meets & Events Images
    Much better photography weather than the Christmas Stages, though it wasn't better weather for anyone who wasn't wearing waterproofs as it rained on and off all day and only cleared up once it was dark. *Removed dead links*
  9. Croft Nostalgia Weekend

    Meets & Events Images
    What a crackin meet :thumbs up: I even remembered to take my camera :applause: Some for the Alfa fans and a couple for Roswell :thumbs up:
  10. Racing @ Croft This Weekend

    North East
    I'm hopefully going to see my mate Pete race his Honda Civic in the NSSCC at Croft on Saturday. Here's a video of him testing at Teesside last week;
  11. Croft circuit - driving experience for the mrs

    North East
    Looking at booking her for the Porsche Cayman driving experience and wondering if anyone here has any pull at getting me a discount from Croft? Or knows of any discount codes. Yea I know it's only £99 but this is the last thing I'll be buying her for Christmas and I've spent a bomb already...
  12. Rallycross Superprix @ Croft

    North East
    This weekend; Rallycross Superprix
  13. Modified & Performance North East @ Croft July 19th

    North East
    Anyone popping over to this?...... Might be good for a giggle if you sift through all the crap. A good opportunity for Croft track time too. Unfortunately, Im away that weekend though :cry: although I may get chance to pop over late afternoon time for a quick...
  14. BTCC Croft 13/14 June.

    North East
    Chaps, As a lot of you know i'm a Television Outside Broadcast Sound Engineer covering mainly sports and music events and have been covering the BTCC for 5 seasons now. Although I don't get free tickets once you are actually into the Croft Circuit, if any of you fancy visiting the pit lane...
  15. Northern Sports & Saloon Car Championship @ Croft - Saturday 16th May

    North East
    I'll be going to see my mate Pete's race debut on Saturday afternoon if anyone would like to join me. :thumbs: Darlington & District Motor Club
  16. Trackday @ Croft On Bank Holiday Monday

    North East
    I'll be popping along sometime during the day to see my mate in his Honda Civic racer. Would anyone like to join be for some free motorsport action? There's some interesting cars on the entry list.
  17. Save Croft Circuit Petition

    North East
    Sign up :thumbs:
  18. Croft Historic Rally Photos 1.2.09

    Motoring Images
    Today Family PG trekked across the Pennines to see the Croft Historic Rally organised by the Stockton and District Motor Club :D Competing were two AO members; VeloceMitch in his Giulia (No. 31) and Sig Pesci in his Mark 1 Escort (No. 4). It was very cold but, thankfully, the snow stayed off...
  19. Croft Historic Rally

    North East
    As a continuation of discussion in this thread; NESCRO 2009 The Croft Historic Rally organised by The Stockton Motor Club will be held on Sunday 1st February. Entry is FREE.