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  1. Crime against Zagato

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
  2. Lobby group against CRIME - PLEASE JOIN!

    South Africa
    Guys, crime has reached unacceptable levels in this beautiful country. Either you or someone you know has been a victim of crime. A lobby group has been started by a gent in Kzn, (Narendh), to exert pressure on the government to tackle this serious issue. Every South African needs to take a...
  3. SA Crime

    South Africa
    So here i go. i need a place to vent and well my AO buddies are my second family so you all get to hear it. Most of you who know me know Charmaine, who was almost always at my side at events. Last week Tuesday, three scumbags followed one of her clients from the ATM and held her and her two...
  4. Money cannot buy taste. Its as simple as that.

    General Alfa Discussion
    If you don't believe me, click me. eye wash not included. :vomit:
  5. Sick and tired of crime and now against ALfas?

    South Africa
    Ok i know crime is international but in SOuth Africa Alfa Romeos are a safe bet right? :rant: Not any more some ass tried to steal the White Gtv(i mean really?? what are they gonna do with a 1996 ph1 Gtv 2.0L Nogal) this past weekend i spoke to my friend whos a superintentdent at 1 of the Police...
  6. the Italian detective Aurelio Zen, crime in Rome

    General Alfa Discussion
    Loved the Alfa count, and all the girls are so pretty... Set in and around Rome, and based on the best-selling novels by the late Michael Dibdin, the series features many of the combined attractions of Italy and the Dibdin novels – thrilling investigations, fun, warmth and beautiful people.BBC...
  7. Crime tidbits

    South Africa
    Just a tidbit - if one looks at victimisation survey house robbery data (only three waves 1998, 2003 and 2007), the number of incidents where people were at home increased substantially from around 44% to just more than 90%. The number of those incidents where a weapon was used decreased from...
  8. Violent Crime

    South Africa
    Due to the amount of violent crime that occurs on this forum, in the form of thread hijacking, I thought I would start a kinda official chat thread for all the incidentals that are guilty of changing the nature of a thread. Therefore this thread may be hijacked, shot, beaten to a pulp, robbed...
  9. Street Crime UK

    Alfa MiTo
    Got a knock from my neighbour last night - "some kids have just smashed your wing mirror!" :cry::. I shouted after them and they scarpered which was probably a good thing as I was in my slippers... Anyway, the casing doesn't snap back quite as nicely as it did but otherwise it's just the mirror...
  10. what a crime

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) wow, just driven cup 17 for the first time in six months, forgot what i was missing, big chessy grin say no more
  11. Car washing: A crime of passion???

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    As it's a scorching day I thought I get in amongst my wheels (and do the body tomorrow). So I parked my car on the path behind my flat - left plenty of room as I've done for the last 10 years - when a cop car pulls up. Jokingly say to my brother that they're for me and I was right!!!! He says...