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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    I put a deposit down in February on a new Giulia, a credit check was carried out for finance by the dealer and all came back ok as I thought it might do. Does anyone know when I come to collect the vehicle in May and complete the finance paperwork will they carry out another credit check again?
  2. General Alfa Discussion
  3. Alfa Giulia
    Took my QF into the service centre at Battersea today to have the boot lid / bumper issue looked at. In a bizarre coincidence, I was discussing with the service advisor about how you rarely see Guilias of any description on the road, never mind QFs when he said he’d only ever seen one parked up...
  4. Alfa Giulia
    My car park pass (credit card size) has fallen down a gap in the centre console and has disappeared behind the dash of my Guila 2.0 TB Super! Pic below shows an example with another card. I'm guessing it's easier to order a new card than take the dash apart? I can't see anything that unclips...
  5. General Motoring Discussion
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    The first generation of Tipo started a new era for Fiat | Autocar Actually mentions that Fiat embraced platform sharing tech before anyone else, and the problems that caused.. (not helped by the likes of you, Autocar!)
  7. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Booked my car in with Rusper alfa Romeo. New cam belt ,water pump , full service , exhaust , rear brakes and front suspension Took me while with where to put my car for the above and feel very pleased with the great results from Rusper alfa Car done professionally and with great care . All...
  8. Northern Ireland
    I know we generally take to the discussion boards when we wish to vent a spleen regarding bad service etc regarding garages & dealerships. Less often do we do the same when the service is excellent, least i do so. I have to recommend Lee O'Toole from Donnelly Group in Stroke City. I...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    Recently bought some second hand Koni sport shocks for the 156 from Auto lusso, thanks lads top notch, even got a little AO discount :) didn't have any top hat collars with them for the front shocks though and been trying to source some, Andrew Page of Leeds came up trumps for me though, had...
  10. South Africa
    So as some of you know, the GTV did not pass the Dekra test and therefore cannot be financed through Wesbank. I am therefore considering using my credit card to buy it for a number of reasons, the primary one being the Dekra test failure. The credit card instalment comes to slightly less than...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi What is the best ( non destructive :D ) way to free up this tray? It's the lower left one below the CD player Cheers :)
  12. South Africa
    It's not really Alfa related but today I downloaded my credit history/rating from They cover Experian, Transunion and XDS. According to this document my credit rating is very good. Despite this I got given such uphill about being an unacepptable risk from the banks when I was...
  13. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well, what can I say... DTONE is THE MAN! AMAZING!! can't believe he came over to help me out! OWE YOU BIG TIME FELLA! And what a 147!! the best i've seen, looked fantastic. Blown away.. he's a credit to the forum!:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    Just been to Dorchester halfords and they were very helpful and knowledgeable. Not only did they know which adaptor I needed for my freelander (it was marked as BMW), they even gave me a little rubber thing for the back of the stereo that they don't sell, but carry in their personal installation...
  15. Alfa GTA
    driving home last night and my front drivers tyre was flat pumped the tyre up and the air was coming out as fast as it was going in. never mind was goint to be needing new tyres at the front soon anyways and have just bought bridgestone potanzas think thats right. been reading about theses tyres...
1-15 of 39 Results