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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    A 7series prototype using driving assistance systems crashed in Munich injuring three police and some vehicles . Erlkönige auf Abwegen: Pleiten, Pech und Pannen - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT Roll on autonomous cars !
  2. South Africa
    A very sad day. Ewald de Walt with his 116 GTV with a 916 3.0 motor in spun, hit a wall and rolled his car. This was one of thee fastest cars in clubmans. Such a pity to see it go out. Chipped tooth and a few cuts and bruises. H walked away from the car afterwards. I wasn't there, so the photos...
  3. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well my poor old 156 has been retired. It's not had a good time of it of late, what with me having the keys nicked from my coat last year for it. Having all four tyres slashed a few months ago, and finally having the rear end caved in by a hit and run (stolen, probably) accident couple weeks...
  4. The Technology Section
    I wonder if someone can help. My main computer at home recently died through a combination of age and cat hair so had to replace. Unfortunately the new one runs Windows 8. Now I have found my way around it the main problem is that the email app which link to my Hotmail account randomly closes...
  5. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Can anyone explain why my 156 JTS suddenly comes up with warning message 'see dealer' 'ABS failure' and other issues. I have to restart the car and all is ok again, but the computer has reset everything..including the date!:confused: We have only had the car a few months and this seems to have...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    Mum taking kids to school in an Audi Q7. Mum taking kids to school in a Fiat 500. En route, they meet. I'm not sure why the school run needs of a Q7 driver are so different to a Fiat 500 driver that they warrant the huge mass difference, but i hope the sheen of the four rings blinds Audi-mum...
  7. General Motoring Discussion
    All I can said is,this guy was very lucky, :rant: Or he will pay for its mistaken. Porsche nearly crashes in Meerkerk - Porsche video by
  8. General Motoring Discussion
    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I didnt see anything... He crashed the whole front end during a charity race, the crash is pretty serious from that footage... According to the story Eddie Griffin was taken by an ambulance but was fine...
1-8 of 9 Results