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    Righty. I think my centre cat is dying. I put it back in after 8 weeks of decatted joy. The thing feels restrictive when you just huff through it. So, I'm looking at 200 cpi cats. This is a 1.6 16v ts engine. No, I don't want a 2 litre..:) So, what's the difference tween the £90 and the £220...
  2. South Africa
    i c a lot of cpi tuned cars in Paarl, even a old Golf, looked at there web site and most of the cars is vw, but did c one Alfa badge anybody here running there software?
  3. South Africa I saw this car in traffic this morning and recall that a CPI stage 2 promisses 330kW for the A45 AMG... Imagine that. Here we are talking about 300bhp and this dude is doing it in kW! :wow: Anyway, strange as...