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  1. Robot Mall Cops

    The Technology Section
    Bumped into a couple of these yesterday: Just mobile CCTV dustbins if you ask me. Maybe it'll start a new "tipping" craze ...? :confused:
  2. The Italian cops might have had a Lambo....

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...... but they were just being cheapskates, :wow: :lol:. Bugatti Veyron joins Dubai Police fleet - Khaleej Times
  3. Ferrari 458 drives over Cop's foot

    General Motoring Discussion
    Interesting video. I am particularly interested peoples thoughts, also discussed on ClubScuderia. Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop - YouTube
  4. Traffic Cops

    General Alfa Discussion
    I hope the geezer who just got pulled over in a 147 and had been drinking all day isn't on here, he's a right bellend. After being told he was driving erratically, he then spent the next 5 minutes asking what 'neuratic' meant. And apparently he's been 'corresponding' with everything they asked...
  5. Self-Appointed Traffic Cops

    General Motoring Discussion
    Really get on my t*ts and I can't wait to see one get pulled by a real traffic cop. Okay, I'm talking about a 3-lane motorway which narrows to 2 lanes - usually on the approach to an exit or, as in the case of the M67, a roundabout. At the Mottram end of the M67 is a roundabout which is ALWAYS...
  6. Alfa 147 on Traffic Cops on Dave lol :D

    General Alfa Discussion
    Flat out in a 2l 147 I think. And he is drink driving too nice.
  7. alfa crashed on traffic cops

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone else seen the alfa 156 on traffic cops crashed into a lorry, nasty! she had kids in car so was very lucky.
  8. Night cops

    Motoring Images
    The polizia are never to far from view in Rome...
  9. More Italian cops

    Motoring Images
    Another from a recent Rome trip
  10. Jealous Passat-driving cops stop Milano test driver!

    Alfa MiTo
    ...but in the process we get some photos as a bonus:thumbs: Alfa Romeo Milano Prototype Spied During Police Stop
  11. Traffic Cops - Alfa 147

    General Alfa Discussion
    1.6Twinspark...guy getting done for bad driving, drink driving and speeding.:lol: Well done, my 1.6TS comrade;) IDIOT:tut:
  12. Think you can outrun the cops......

    Motoring Images
    Found this lot on MSN. Love the T1 :lol: Top 10 emergency vehicles - Photo 3 of 10 - Photo galleries | MSN Cars UK
  13. Lots of Cops about

    General Alfa Discussion
    Driving from Wrexham to bangor today I saw 17 :eek: police cars/speed-camera-vans on the A55. There has been anouncements in the local press that the Police were cracking down, so if anyone heads this way do be careful.
  14. Cops Quiz 150mph Web Bragger

    General Alfa Discussion
    A speed nut who posted pictures on the internet of himself apparently driving at more than 150mph faced a grilling from police last night – after being trapped by The Sun. Anthony Coyne, 27, used the anonymous nickname “antgtv” to boast of his illegal spree on a message board dedicated to...
  15. Exige for Aussie Cops

    Motoring Images
    Where will they put the perps? :confused: :lol:
  16. Drink driving 147 owner on Traffic Cops

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hopefully no-one here :( wrinx
  17. Think you can out run the cops?

    Motoring Images Think again my friends!:cry:
  18. Just got a call from the cops !!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Phew, nearly [email protected] myself. Cops just called from Grasse asking about my "Alfa Romeo". :eek: Luckily asked them what model and they said "147" Big sigh of relief !!!! Looks like someone's gone and nicked my old car! :eek:
  19. Our COps in South Africa

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    yester day i saw our metro cops setting up a camera and then leaving in a car.not any cop car a GTA!!!
  20. Traffic cops Cheshire

    Alfa GTA
    Anyone see the program on monday. A brand new 156 went up in flames. Not a good advert for Alfa !