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  1. Several Alfa's in convoy around London!

    General Alfa Discussion
    How strange is that :lol: Driving round London last night and met half a dozen Alfaowner members driving round in a sensible convoy! To look at you would had thought it was planned;) The only way to get round London efficiently is to use the tunnels. Cuts out lots of traffic! Especially at...
  2. West London (M25 South) > Chatham Dockyard Convoy Thread (Alfa Spring Day 13th April)

    South East
    West London (M25 South) > Chatham Dockyard Convoy Thread (Alfa Spring Day 13th April) Nicky and myself are heading to the Alfa Spring day on the 13th April and are scouting for some company on those lonely roads to Kent. Our estimated departure time is 8-30 from Uxbridge, provisionally...
  3. Alfa Convoy!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Coming back from visting my mother-in-law for a lovely mothers day lunch we got a bit of an alfa convoy going! We were crossing the Medway bridge, not too busy and at one point there were three alfa's abreast! My wife's lovely black 147 (freshly washed by our son the day before!), my rather...
  4. Convoy too the Gloucester Gig 9th Sept.

    Wales South
    Alfa Gig 9th September 2007 at the Gloucester's Historic Docks, anyone one up for the drive down i will be at Magor Services at 9am to get there for 10am. Cheers Stu:)
  5. AONW SAD Convoy

    North West
    Any Ideas for the best route / Meeting point. I've had a look at the map and this one has me a bit stumped :( So where should we meet :D
  6. NADs South west Convoy

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi not sure to post here as well but I`m going to go leaving Plymouth at around 6 am traveling up a38 m5 m42.
  7. NAD Convoy

    South West
    Hi anyone going to NADs I going leaving Plymouth at about 6 am A38 M5 M54 anyone else going fancy meeting up on the way
  8. NAD Convoy

    General Alfa Discussion
    Now then it's the big day next Sunday :cool: I've set a couple of threads running in the AONE and AONW lounges for a Convoy to NAD next Sunday :D. Do post on those threads to let me know who's up for it :D Here's a linky to the NAD page at AROC. :D Gates open at 10:00am the AO convoy has an...
  9. NAD Convoy

    North West
    Now then AONW I'm organising a convoy to NAD :cool: I've set a thread on the AONE lounge and hopefully they'll be setting off from scotch corner at 7:00am. I'll be at Knutsford services for about 9:30 the plan is to arrive at NAD for 11:00 ish in convoy :D Let me know who's interested :D so...
  10. NAD Convoy

    North East
    Seeing as Van is away at the ring :rolleyes: It's down to me to organise the AONE Convoy to meet us NW types. VAN has suggested AONW meet at Scotch corner for 7:00am and down the M6. The AONE convoy will be setting off from Knutsford services about 9:30 and arriving at NAD for 11 ish :D So...
  11. North East Convoy to Scottish Italian Car Day

    North East
    Early start for this one, meet at 0700 hrs at the Badger Pub Link for the Badger,571817&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=417852&ay=571817 Just turn up but please stick your name down just so we know how...
  12. Convoy to Scotish italian car day

    North East
    Anyone fancy this on the 27th May link for a few details
  13. Convoy!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Drove to work this morning in my Silver 156 V6 following the person from across the street who drives a Silver 156 2.0TS, I am really sad for getting a buzz off this? Anyone got any good alfa convoy photos?
  14. Cool Video Of 147 GTA`s in CONVOY.

    Alfa GTA
  15. 166 convoy

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I joined the M1 northbound this morning at junction12 (Toddington) directly in front of another 166. We then proceeded in convoy, occasionally swapping the lead, as you do, until I left the motorway at junction 15 (Northampton). It was a silver 2.5 V6 reg no V82 WFC. Don't suppose for a minute...
  16. Norwich Convoy to NAD

    International Events
    right gang. Since there are a few of us from Norfolk maybe it would be nice if we could drive to NAD in convoy. I suggest that we meet at the Thickthorn services on the A11 at about 06:45. This should give us plenty of time to get to the little chef on the A14 between 08:00 an 08:30. AM