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  1. AROC - Spring Alfa Day Sunday 14th April Convoy

    South East
    A few members from Alfabook are meeting to convoy down to this at 7am at Clacket Lane services if this is of interest to anyone going. Actual event is shown...
  2. East Midlands convoy to MITCAR 2017 Ragley Hall B49 5NJ

    East Midlands
    MITCAR 2017 at Ragley Hall B49 5NJ Link to AROC event page ... We're planning to meet at McDonalds Lountside LE65 1JP around 8:30 - 9:00am. Coffee/pitstop break before heading to Ragley Hall. Pop your RSVP's in folks :thumbs:
  3. Alfa Oxfordshire Convoy to Goodwood?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I will be leaving Oxford on Saturday around 6:30am to get to Goodwood before the road chaos. An early start but surely a nicer drive. Then I though: wouldn’t it be cool if other Alfas where going at the same time? Would be a lot of fun I reckon… Anyone? :)
  4. 19" Giulia Alloys on Guilietta and Convoy for meet

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi guys, Bought a new G last year. I was a member on here many years ago when I had my Gt...2 different cars and 8 years later, I'm back in the Alfa fold. (For some reason I couldn't retrieve my old account and moderators had no joy either.)Anyway I'm a newbie again. I bought the facelift G...
  5. Brooklands meet and convoy

    South East
    It's that time of the year again, and AutoItalia at Brooklands is in next Saturday 29th April. Just making an open invite to anyone who would like to join us. There will be a meet point at Notcutts garden centre in Maidstone (jct 7 on M20/A249) This will be at 7.00 am to leave by 7.15 to head...
  6. East Midlands convoy to BIAMF 2017

    East Midlands
    Take the covers off... blow away the winter blues and get all sparkly for BIAMF 2017 :D If you like all motors Italian and fancy a wonder around the old town of Bristol, then this is the event to be at. Link to the BIAMF website and entry details etc.... Change to...
  7. Convoy to Newby Hall

    North East
    For anybody interested in a run out to the Italian Car and Bike show on the 5th of June, [email protected] has arranged a convoy to run down over on Alfabook. Here are the details- For anyone from the North East going to the Italian Car and Bike Show at...
  8. East Midlands convoy to NAD 2016 at Chatsworth House

    East Midlands
    Very pleased to announce that National Alfa Day this year will be held at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. Details are a little thin right now, so keep checking back for updates :) Hoping we have a good show and...
  9. East Midlands convoy to BIAMF 2016

    East Midlands
    Once again the Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival is on :cool: If you like all motors Italian and fancy a wonder around the old town of Bristol, then this is the event of the year :D Link to the BIAMF website .... Link to entry details...
  10. AOEM convoy to NAD 21st June 2015

    East Midlands
    NAD 2015 is t'up north this year.... Gawsworth Hall Church Lane Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 9RN Tickets can be bought in advance £14 or on the gate £15. (AROC members get a discount) Link to AO main thread
  11. Convoy to NAD?

    East Midlands
    I've got to check my social calendar :o, but anyone fancy a run up to NAD this year?
  12. BIAMF or Spring Alfa Day Convoy.

    South Central
    I have a busy weekend at both BIAMF on Sat and Spring Alfa Day on Sun. I am heading from Salisbury area if anybody wants to join me in convoy.
  13. East Midlands convoy to BIAMF 2015

    East Midlands
    So pleased to see this event happening again this year :cool: If you like all motors Italian and fancy a wonder around the old town of Bristol, then this is the event of the year :D Link to the BIAMF website .... Link to entry details...
  14. Italian/Swiss Convoy September 7th 2015

    General Alfa Discussion
    If anyone is interested in a Grand Tour or in Europe, Reims France, Davos Switzerland, San Bernadino Pass, Aosta Italy, Colle Del Nivolet Italy, beginning of September 2015 I can arrange a meet in Europe. Planning is complete, 3 car convoy so far. Two Alfa QV/LE, 1 Audi S-Line. We will be using...
  15. 159 Ebola Convoy Pace Car

    General Alfa Discussion :eek:
  16. Who was at the Epsom Record Convoy attempt 2010?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I was there with my 147Q2 and my son Alfa Romeo dealership helps to set new world record Were you? My son , who was four at the time remembers a man walking past us on his mobile saying " Pat, I'm in Alfa heaven." Who was this ?
  17. anyone going to boughton house and if so any convoy /meet up prior to event

    Hi im going to aroc 50th anniversary on 10thmay anyone else going from yorkshire? If so any sort of pre meet for convoy down to boughton house. Cheers mick.
  18. Convoy to Brooklands 03/05/14

    East Midlands
    The Auto Italia event is on again at Brooklands on 3/5/14. Anyone from our area going and fancy meeting up for a convoy or/and a get together at the event. I am off down there on Thursday to get my tickets as my Dad lives nearby and was going to see him anyway. Good way to kill 2 birds as they...
  19. East Midlands convoy to BIAMF 2014

    East Midlands
    It's only around the corner ya know.....BIAMF (Bristol Italian Automotive Festival ) If you like all motors Italian and fancy a wonder around the old town of Bristol, then this is your event of the year :D As has happened in the past, we set off at a spirited pace .... normally a tad late...
  20. AOEM Convoy to the Greasy Breakfast Meet XVI

    East Midlands
    Right, time I think for a little (and I mean little) AOEM convoy to the upcoming breakfast meet:D The plan is to meet at the Hatton Centre car park at 9AM, have a bit of banter then convoy all of the gruelling 500 yards to the Salt Box for another artery narrowing, life expectancy reducing fry...