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  1. Help ! Signing contract tomorrow

    Alfa Giulia
    I have a small problem ! I’m signing the contract on a pch deal tomorrow for a Giulia Veloce. I’ve just realised when driving onto my driveway how there isn’t much ground clearance (2”) between the pavement and the bottom of my 2016 Audi s3. I’m worried with the extra 20cm wheel base on the...
  2. Alfa Romeo Contract Hire Deals

    360 Autolease
    Hello thought i'd start by posting a link to the Personal Lease Deals or Personal Contract Hire if you prefer on the New Giulia Personal contract hire Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon cars Giulia Interior - Lusso Pack with Beige Leather
  3. Selling a Contract Mobile

    The Technology Section
    1. Sim only deal....£7.50 Tesco Mobile 12 months 2. Pay monthly and exactly same sim deal as above £7.50 Tesco Mobile for 24 months Can i take the sim from option 2 put it in my old unlocked phone and sell the contract phone ?? Would work out a better deal for me ?? Am i...
  4. Best smart phone contract under R250?

    South Africa
    Hi, I go through phones like no ones business...I just want to call/sms/whatsapp and facebook and take a few good pics that's it. I don't want to spend more than R250pm as I get data and call plan from work. point me in the right direction!:thumbs:
  5. PCN and contract

    General Motoring Discussion
    spelling Hi I recieved 2 PCN's I/ for parking in a loading bay, i send a void letter to Northampton bulk centre which they stamped and returned to me that was after i recieved a notice of recovery, i now have a baliff letter telling me they are coming here next wed 12th to collect over £200...
  6. 4C Contract

    4C & 4C Spider
    Have any of you lucky 60 4C LE customers received your contract back yet? As you'd expect, there was a big sense of urgency in April to get it signed from Alfa UK but I'm still awaiting my copy.
  7. Multiair servicing on contract hire

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi, I have a 1.4 multiair on contract hire with only 9k miles per year, on the contract. I think in the handbook servicing is every 15-20k. Would I only need to service once during my 3yr contract hire? Contract is with FGA contracts, so not sure how strict they are? Also the wife kerbed one...
  8. Kitchen Designer saga: How happy consumerism turns to depressing nightmare

    Way Off Topic
    :rant: Sorry in advance for this boring life story. ----The Project---- I was planning for 1 year how to build my kitchen, and selected a different firm to take care of the project. I usually go with a big company - great service - but I compared prices this time and found a slightly cheaper...
  9. Help - process flow & building contract

    Way Off Topic
    Can any of my dear AO friends help me? I have just been pushed a bit out of my comfort zone at work. I suspect that, in football parlance, it is a bit of a "hospital pass" but I am the Group's Purchasing Manager so I have had to take this on. OK, the Salford site is not a disaster but hasn't...
  10. Buying an ex FGA Contract Car

    General Alfa Discussion
    Currently looking at one. I'm assuming there's no reason why I shouldn't buy one of these?? I've always treated my company and fleet cars well... if not better than my own! Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts before I do something potentially stupid!?? :wow: Cheers! Dave.
  11. New Lower Contract Hire Rates on Giulietta Range

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi All, Just a quick heads up really that we have some new lower Contract Hire rates available for the Giulietta range, now starting at only £229+VAT per month with the Cloverleaf only £329+VAT per month. Only available for orders placed by the 31st of December this year. Also available as a...
  12. Early Termination of 159 on contract hire

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I wondered if anyone had gone through the process of terminating a contract hire agreement with Fiat Auto Group early? Any idea of charges or process? Alternatively is anyone interested in taking over a lease with 11 months left for a 2008 White 159 ti which is well under mileage and in top...
  13. FIAT loses BSM contract

    General Motoring Discussion
    Having apparently signed up on a four year deal FIAT has lost the BSM contract back to Vauxhall after only 18 months. What on earth has gone wrong there I wonder. AlfaLincs
  14. contract hire - maintenance contract (159 TI)

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Morning chaps. I am new to the site and on the verge of committing to my first Alfa, a 159 TI 2.0 jtdm. I have read your forum from the shadows for several weeks while I wavered between the Ti and a Saab 93 TTiD (my last 3 cars have been Saab). I have decided upon the Alfa. I am in the...
  15. Giulietta Contract Hire Prices

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi All, Just to let you know that we are now able to quote for Giulietta on Contract Hire. All versions are available with rates starting from under £250 per month up to £340 for a Cloverleaf. If you would like more info or a bespoke quote please do not hesitate to contact me on 01423 798561 or...
  16. contract hire deals on new independant?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    hi all, its coming up to 2 years since i got a spider le on a great contract hire rate.the contract ends in july so its time to think of a replacement.the independant looks attractive with the 1750 engine. so has anyone heard of any contact hire deals on these similar to the le? it would be a...
  17. Contract nearly up What now?

    General Motoring Discussion
    In short i have had the Peugeot 206 from new since 2006 . I have paid for a maintenance contract so it has been serviced to the standard of the excessive main dealers. I have two options i can hand them back the car and walk away. Or i can pay them the final ballon payment of £2,143 I...
  18. Personal Contract Hire Question

    General Alfa Discussion
    Some ****er has opened their door onto the side of the Brera, again. :tut: This has left a small ding in the waistline crease just above the rear passenger side wheel arch. I had a much bigger and uglier one of these in the passenger side door fixed a few months ago at a cost of approx. £250...
  19. personal contract hire /personal loan

    Alfa MiTo
    please can you tell me is there any personal contract hire deals on the alfa mito or would i be better taking out a personal loan out.
  20. What happens to Contract Lease cars at the end of the lease?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all I'm just wondering what happens to Contract Hire Vehicles at the end of the lease? Can you arrange to purchase them off ARUK by "doing a deal", are the dealers offered first dibs on them? or do they go to an auction somewhere, so we can trace the the one we had and buy it hopefully "on...