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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    at Hampton Court. Autoglym have a competition 2014 Concours of Elegance - Hampton Court Palace - Win Tickets - Autoglym and a 15% offer
  2. South Africa
    The Alfa Club of Natal hosts its Concours d' Elegance this Sunday, 3 August 2014, at 'The Farm,' 53 Pope Ellis Dr, Ashburton, Pmb. Club member or not, bring your Alfa along and enjoy.
  3. South Africa
    ARCSA Concours 8 Sept 2013 at Arnold Chatz Cars
  4. South Africa
    So who's attending and who's going to be looking? I thought this event already happened, just 2 weeks ago I told my wife I'd like to enter next year as I have many plans...but now I have to cram them all into 2 weeks!:cheese: I've read the score sheet now, where does my car fit into? Modern or...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, Thank you for reading this thread. As you can tell from the "introduce yourself" title I'm new to this forum. My name is Daniel and I live in the west country. I have been looking to buy an Alfa (Sud)Sprint for sometime and have been saving my pennies. I'm a hopeless mechanic so...
  6. Car Detailing
    Well just had my beauty 159 3.2, Remaped Engine, Custom Exhaust Metallic Rubino Red - Carnauba waxed by a specialist - unbelievable result and such depth of colour - she looks fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone - I am sure you all probabaly know about this stuff but as a newbie...
  7. South East
    well, it's that time of year again! the main event thread for RSVPs is here: the plan will be to meet at south mimms for the real southerners, and then a possible stop and meet at Newport...
  8. East Midlands
    Right, finally got round to doing this:o Its the time of year for the Auto Italia Concours at Stanford so here goes;) Cue blurb form the Auto Italia website.... "Great cars in a great location. The UK’s finest Italian cars will once again be gathering at this stately home venue. Centrally...
  9. South Africa
    We had a very good turn out at Sundays concours in PE.:thumbs: Will post some pics later. Just wondering who on here was in the red 147, black rims, no plates and Alfaowner stickers on the side windows.
  10. Meets & Events Images
    The first Concours d'elegance was held in Sydney today in one of our beachside suburbs, Manly. It is a beautiful location and, while the weather was not ideal, it was a great day out. Not quite up to Pebble Beach standards but a good start. The general view: Considering it was the Alfa...
  11. South Africa
    I would just like to say thanks for Rush and Springbok for entering the Cape Alfa Romeo concourse d' elegance! :thumbs: And thanks Mystic for coming to support!:thumbs: And while we on that happy note: Congrats on wining full concourse with your GTV 3.0 and Springbok, the wild card(who we had to...
  12. South Africa
    Ok guys (Mystic included here) We have a stunning day planned for this coming run, take a look at the destination, we are going to be having a very reserved day compared to the last time (no half naked chicks running around) :cheese::cry:cheese: With that out the way I will be updating this...
  13. South Africa
    Wish I could have gone down to CT to watch this! Cape boys, please attend and send pichas and videos! ... about.html
  14. Motoring Images
    I thought I would post a few pictures from last night's South Midlands AROC Concours held at the Aviator, Sywel.
  15. North East
    Please RSVP to the main event thread in the UK National Events lounge; Auto Italia Concours @ Stanford Hall I'll organise a convoy from our region closer to the time.
  16. Wales North
    Follow the link for details :D
  17. West Midlands
    Should be a biggy, and it's a great location. Please RSVP in the thread in the UK National Events lounge: Autoitalia Concours at Stanford Hall Hopefully we can sort out a West Midlands convoy if there's enough interest - over to you :thumbs:
  18. UK National Events
    It's back :D Another great day out courtesy of the folks at Autoitalia As the title suggests it's not just Alfa's but pretty much every italian marque with some nice exotica turning up :thumbs: - see official blurb below Central Meet point for...
1-19 of 48 Results