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  1. Alfa 8C Competizione in Maxim magazine

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    Just got my grubby hands on the latest copy of Maxim magazine and just to let you all know (if you didn't already) that there is a double page spread featuring the aforementioned Alfa 8C Competizione. Last month there was also a small feature on a flying car from alfa???? Anyone know more on...
  2. Alfa 8c Competizione e-bay scam?

    General Alfa Discussion
    This must surly be a scam? There is no way i would pay 40k for the right to order an Alfa 8c through the seller, i suspect you would not hear from him again if...
  3. Competizione on the bay....!

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  4. 8C Competizione - DTM Style

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  5. Video Of Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

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    Apologies Peeps if this has been shown already, but it won't hurt to look twice! :) Got to say it looks even better moving as it does sitting still Enjoy
  6. 2007 8C Competizione review

    General Alfa Discussion
    Here is an exclusive review on the 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, a former concept car that has now made it into production. You can read detailed info on it's performance and design, and also browse the photo gallery and watch an intro movie with this model. "...The beautiful dream that...
  7. 8C Competizione ordered!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    NO NOT ME!!!! :cry: There's been a lot of speculation as to the price and other details so here it is and believe me this is direct from the horses mouth as my local dealership is not a franchise, it actually belongs to Fiat Spain so I get first hand news on all things AR from a good friend of...
  8. 8c competizione

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    that is one beautiful car, it really is, if only...................
  9. 8C competizione finally in production!?!

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    Last week Alfa brand manager Antonio Baravalle has given new impulse to rumour. Alfa is going to produce 500 8C Competiziones :) :cool: :cool: For your enjoyment, click link:
  10. Nouvola - 8C Competizione Project

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    Hello everyone. First post around here :) Here's a project based on the Nouvola and 8C Competizione Hope you like it. See you around
  11. 8C competizione + fit bird!

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    What a picture!
  12. Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

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    Anyone seen Novembers Top Gear magazine,theres an article on this gorgeous looking coupe featuring 400bhp of V8 goodness.A lot of bits are from Ferrari/Maserati as expected but it shows what Alfa could still do when bothered.The mag say's Alfa intend low volume production of this model,lets hope...
  13. 8C competizione frankfurt

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
  14. World Premiere: ALFA 8C COMPETIZIONE @ the IAA

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    Daniele Bandiera, President of the Alfa Romeo Business Unit, presented an exciting concept car to the international press this morning. It is called the '8c Competizione' and it joins the other important novelties displayed on the Alfa Romeo stand at the 60th Frankfurt International Motor Show...