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  1. Competizione Red Dashboard

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, does anybody have any pictures of a mito with a Competizione Red dashboard in flesh? searched the gallery and over the net but cant find anything.
  2. Alfa Competizione - Just $4000

    General Alfa Discussion :thumbs:
  3. Alfa 8C Competizione at Mangoletsi Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Aug

    Alfa 8C & 8C Spider
    Mangoletsi are holding an Alfa Romeo Performance Weekend event on Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Aug, we are inviting AOers to come and see us in Cheshire, test drive our M range of Performance enhanced Alfa's, have an upgrade fitted to your car on the day if required or buy a new or used Alfa from us with...
  4. Credit Crunch United Arab Emirates, maybe not - Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was checking out a new Alfa Spider at the local show room in Dubai when I spotted an 8C on display! Apart from making my jaw drop, I had no option but to walk away into yesterday's sandstorm empty handed due to its eye watering price tag, haha! I was relived to find another one, on our...
  5. Alfa 8C Competizione wheels

    Tuning & Upgrades
    The 8C Competizione style wheels are now avalaible for 147, 156, GT and GTV. 17", ET 35, 5x98 :thumbs: Have a look, NEW :cool:
  6. Alfa MiTo and 8C Competizione pics

    Motoring Images
    The very first event of its kind organised by Alfa Romeo and they choose my current home town of Jerez. To top it all off, the local guy who ordered his 8C, had it delivered on Friday and agreed to bring it along to the circuit so unfortunately, there are not many MiTo pics!! :D...
  7. white 8c Competizione it is

    Introduce Yourself
    Anone good pics of a white 8c Competizione? send them.... Ciao, Rob
  8. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi All, Was watching Top Gear last night and that new Alfa is seriously hot... Reason for post: was anyone else happy to see the similarity between the wheels on the 8C, and the 17" teledials fitted to many Gtv's?
  9. Watch and listen to the new ALFA 8C Competizione, WOW

    General Alfa Discussion
    Listen to the sound of it, its mental You Tube of 8C having the nuts reved off it
  10. First Alfa 8c Competizione Arrives In Uk

    General Alfa Discussion
    Press release: I'm going to find Ian, and steal his car. Who's with me? :D
  11. 8C Competizione Twins

    Motoring Images
    A few weeks ago we had to go to Amsterdam . It was a terrible day , with lot's of snow and to much traffic . But somewhere in the afternoon the sun started shining ... Fasten your seatbelts !!!
  12. my little love ;) - 8C Competizione & others 1:18 & 1:43

    General Alfa Discussion
    my little love :
  13. Upgraded to an 8C Competizione this weekend and here’s the photo!

    General Alfa Discussion
    :lol: :lol: :lol: Took me ages to persuade my son to buy the Alfa rather than a lousy Ford GT! But I think he is now converted…
  14. 8C Competizione £20.00

    General Alfa Discussion
    :cool: Alfa 8c Competizione for £20.00 Win a car with Best of the Best - where Supercar dreams come true
  15. Tons of video reviews of Alfa 8C Competizione

    General Alfa Discussion
    Enjoy, the sounds are incredible. 4 different magazine/car show video reviews.,,3602487,00-tf1-video-automoto-essai-supercar-alfa-romeo-competizione-.html
  16. VIDEO- Alfa 8C Competizione (AutoBild)

    General Alfa Discussion Long time motor journalist George Kacher gives his review. Anyone out there speak German to give a brief summary of his comments (good and bad)?
  17. Top Gear feature the Alfa 8C Competizione

    General Alfa Discussion
    The 8C appears elsewhere on, but Top Gear make it front page news on their website:
  18. 8C Competizione

    Introduce Yourself
    Returned from Goodwood Festival of Speed on Sunday evening covered in dried-on mud upto my knees. Our wonderful summer huh! However the 8C was the definitive highlight. Absolutely stunning shape, not quite sure about Black and was expecting a slightly smaller size. But what a car. My first...
  19. 8C Competizione: Where Will They Put The Front Number Plate?

    General Alfa Discussion
  20. 8C Competizione delivered!

    Motoring Images
    My son has beaten my brother and received his 8C Competizione sooner :D