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  1. April Detailing competion entry

    Car Detailing
    Hello everyone, So who is out over the Easter weekend to get the car cleaned? last month was a great success and the weather is hopefully still on the up so get your daily drivers or garage queens cleaned and post your entry bellow :) And remeber the rules for the entry...
  2. Caption Competion...

    Motoring Images
    No prizes, just some light-hearted fun! (Image taken from
  3. Beat this! T-spark owners excluded from competion!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I Managed to get 31.4 Miles per gallon on the way back form the car show! Sorry about the blurry image but I was so excited. The strange thing was I only got 28 MPG there and on the way back I had the air con on:confused: I know I just can't help being from Aberdeen! ;)
  4. Another Caption Competion

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  5. Caption Competion 10101010101010101010101010101

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    Who did he think he was??? :lol:
  6. OMP Group N competion exhaust system

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi, has anyone fitted one of these to their Sprint, Sud 33? It seems to be reasonably priced, and i was thinking of getting one for my 1.7 Sprint and just wanted some opinions from any of you guys out there who might have fitted one, or know someone who has. Cheers
  7. Todays Caption competion !

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  8. Another cow caption competion!

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    Cow..asaki? I`ll get my coat.
  9. BMW Caption competion

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  10. Caption competion 5!!!!!!!

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    Should get some interesting quotes for this one! :) Thanks to Greg for this weeks pic!
  11. Caption competion 4

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