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  1. anyone used this company?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Found this company the other day has anybody used them before??
  2. windscreen replacement - which company?

    Republic of Ireland
    My insurance company accepts only these two, Allglass and Autoglass. Anybody has any experience with either of them? I'm worried about the chrome strip around the glass.
  3. Wanted: Detailing company recommendations

    Car Detailing
    Can someone recommend a good detailing company / person in the Cambridge, Bedford, Peterborough area? I need a fair amount of corrective work and possibly a bonnet and front bumper respray. Thanks
  4. Having second thoughts (Company Car...)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hey! Hoping someone can offer a little advice... I've been offered a company car, with a limit of £440 a month or the alternative of taking a cash allowance at £330 and claiming mileage in line with Inland Revenue. The company car would cost me approx £150 a month in tax and 11p for each...
  5. Time for a company car!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Long time lurker, I really should post more - The time has come to part with my bella as I've been offered a company car (The lure of a new shiny 159 or a Giulietta was too much to pass up!). I've had the 156 for 2 years ish now and had lots of work done by the guys up at Auto Lusso (Ned / Puds...
  6. French Company Team-up: Parrot & Coyote "Asteroid" system

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Parrot are teaming up with Coyote to provide an in-car android based internet device with built in navigation, (Google maps) radar warning (Coyote) as well as standard handsfree. Parrot - Parrot ASTEROID Very nice. Also means you can stream internet radio! :) :thumbs:
  7. Which tuning company

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Im traveling to Belgium i was thinking of taking my ecu with me, I own a 147 2.0 Selespeed Petrol, and i was thinking of getting a remap i bumped into two companies and i need your advice: 1) Squadra Tuning - Netherlands - Claim: +10 hp - +10NM - 269Euros Tax Free - 2)...
  8. Help with Giulietta Company Car Choice

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi guys, I'm a new member on here. Been broswing around and found some great info on what will be my first ever Alfa... I now need a little help with my final decision! I currently drive a 09 Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 Tdi CR 170. I know they're not the most popular car round these parts but I've...
  9. Lombarda Carriage Company

    General Alfa Discussion
    Been desperately trying to contact them. Thier website shows 'Page 404' error and the telephone number goes to another company not connected with them. Anybody knows if they still exist or not. I only used them about 2 years ago. Thanks!
  10. 159 potential company car

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Any body I need to find out what the cost of running a 159 as a company car preferably diesel given the current climate. I have been told the cars on offer are focus 1.6 prius t3 volvo s60 or somthing like that ... Id rather carry on driving my current extortionate bmw than all of the above...
  11. Very apt company mame!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Its wonder product time again, there's something very apt about their company name though :)
  12. Insurance question re company car

    General Alfa Discussion
    I've got an Insurance related question to anyone who might have an understanding of these things. My company car has got a parking prang on the front wing and corner of bumper. There is no other driver to claim from and if I make a claim I have to pay a £250 excess through the company...
  13. Sorry, you cant have an Alfa Romeo as a company car!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Been out delivering festive cheer to customers, so yesterday I arrive at a company to be greeted by the production manager wearing a very nice Alfa Romeo fleecy jumper. So I say, "Didnt know you were an Alfa Romeo man?" To which he replies. "Well I would be but the MD wont let me have one, says...
  14. company car choice suggestions??

    General Motoring Discussion
    OK, so am about to start a new job and it's the 'choose a company car' dilemma. before you ask the obvious question, yes, a 159 is the obvious choice and if the Financial guy can find one for the right money it's probably the preferred option. The rule is (and this is where the 159 will fall...
  15. Packaging Company Required- JHB

    South Africa
    Hey guys, Was wondering if any of you could put me in touch or point me in the right direction, with someone who has a small packaging/printing company? Looking at manufacturing something similar to gelaskins, final product will look something similar to this...
  16. New Company car Help

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, Company car driver stuck with am impossible task of which Giulietta to order:cry: The company I work for(UK largest utility company) gives me £300 a month to lease a car through "Inchcape" with everything included. Anything over I have to pay out my own pocket but can claim 12p per mile...
  17. Recommend a PDR company in/around Leicester

    Alfa MiTo
    I've somehow got a tiny dent on the edge of the roof of my MiTo (on the strip above the drivers door, it looks like someone has leant on it). It's barely noticable and the paint isn't damaged (but I know it's there :rolleyes: ). Can someone recommend a paintless dent removal company around...
  18. Company car choice

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi ALL My name is James I own a 190E Merc 2.5-16 cossie. (which is currently for sale) Just bought a Porsche 944S as a weekend project/ track car Reason for joining. my company car choice..... I wouldn't normally bother with Alfa's but when everything, inc services tax, mot even tryes are...
  19. Alga Giulietta on Company Car Scheme

    General Alfa Discussion
    got an email from SS4C annoucing the Giulieta is finally on their car scheme. both 1.4 MA and 2.0 jtdm nicely-to-highly spec will vary from £500 to £600/month for that's with 20k mi and NCB etc If I can spec it sensibly up to £550, this could be my new Alfa by Xmas time:D anyone on ss4c or...
  20. Recommendations wanted: Alfa 33 1.7 engine reconditioning company

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi there. I have an Alfa 33 1.7 8 valve engine which powers my kit car. The car's been off the road for ages, but now I'd like to get it back on the road and have the engine completely reconditioned and possibly have a few power increase mods added. I'm now looking for a reputable company to...