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  1. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So - what would be your reaction if you saw a Rosso Brunello spider with a maroon/burgundy soft top? Tasteful and elegant or vulgar and vomit-inducing? I can’t make up my I a Chav???
  2. Alfa Stelvio
    Hi All, It's been one of those mornings, after getting blocked in i manage to open the door on a post and thought I'd chipped the door, after fortunately polishing out what was paint from the post I'm embarrassed to admit I then managed to reverse the car into my wall and have grazed the skid...
  3. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    After 13 years my Brera's 18" multi-spoke alloys are looking a bit sorry for themselves and the recent new tyres are also not sealing very well so I want to get them completely refurbished. I've had them repainted twice before and both times the colour was nothing like the original, so how do I...
  4. Alfa Giulietta
    I have a nasty chip on my door mirror cover. Does anyone know the colour code paint for the dark grey on a 2018 Veloce? Thanks in advance.
  5. Alfa Giulia
    My veloce was reversed into whilst parked at a station last week, big scuff, paint off and some severe cracking of paint where the bumper had been pushed in. Took it straight to body shop with impressive reputation and picked it up today. It looks like they've not colour matched well at all...
  6. Alfa Giulietta
    Can anyone help with my wheel colour on my 2011 Giulietta Veloce, They are 18" Turbine wheels in a Matt Grey. They don't appear to be the regular turbine colour. I purchased the car about 2.5 years ago and not sure if these we're a standard issue wheel or have been resprayed after tyre changes...
  7. Car Detailing
    Can anyone recommend a good product for restoring faded red trim (pretty sure door cards and dash are vinyl) inside a GTV 916? Have been searching high and low so any help appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, My good lady has scratched one one of the wheels on her QV Launch Edition. Can anyone tell me the paint code (or where to find it?). It’s a very dark grey, teledial Thanks!
  9. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Just a shout out to Amfalconer and the red stickers he has had made to effectively re colour the "I" on the rear and wing ti badges. Not only do they look great and saved me £30 but they arrived within 2 days of contacting him. Top Bloke
  10. Alfa Giulia
    Thinking of getting a Veloce. This one is advertised near me (well on the same island anyway). The dealer said it's Silverstone Grey. It looks completely different to the Silverstone Grey on the configurator and I've googled Silverstone Grey which to me seems almost silver. This looks like a...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Using eLearn in english but on wiring colour it seems not to be english. so 1st what colour would L be 2nd does anyone have a conversion chart thx edit i guess its all in italian so just looking up italian names except cant find a colour for L if wrong plz say
  12. Alfa Giulia
    Had to replace one of my Silver Tecnico QV alloys which buckled. New Alloy arrived and the colour seems ever so slightly different. My car is an early 2017 model so just wondering if anyone can confirm if the finished has changed for the newer models and if so if they could confirm the paint...
  13. Car Detailing
    I'm no detailer but having bought a very stone chipped black 147 last week decided to give it a going over with some snake oil, the snake oil in question was Sonax 1837551 and have to say I was pretty impressed, if you use the wax crayon and well soaked micro fibre together it certainly hides a...
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    Hey All Was just wondering as a community what you think about the colour of an Alfa in terms of desirability and reselling. Of course the classic Red is top but what would you say are the most desirably colours for an Alfa in terms of reselling and least desirable. For me personally Red...
  15. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hello again folks, Some of you guys may recall my 10+ posts last year... Well, have finally found and bought a great driving 2.2 Prodrive, lightly remapped, rest original, 55k miles, in black, after many months trawling round / looking :party: :party:. Even got an ARUK authenticity...
  16. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, Ive got a 2003 Alfa 147, Im trying to find out what the name of the paint is and its code, The colour of the paint is a kind of green/gold pearlescent colour, all help is appreciated, Kind Regards Dale
  17. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    would it be possible to have these wheels chromed, and if so what sort of price am i lookin at
  18. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    O a recent visit to Neil Catlows in Haslingdon for a replacement bonnet due to damage caused by a falling roof tile I also bought a set of 18" wheels that needed a refurb so painted them in anthracite which I had been thinking of doing for a while but worried they would be too dark. Now they...
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    Wasn't sure to go graphite grey or anthracite, now they are on the car I think I made the right choice, what do you think? First photo is the original silver on 17" rims, rest are now on 18"
  20. Alfa Giulietta
    Am I assuming right that Cobalto Blue and Blu Anodizatto are the same colour? The codes are the same when you search online, and when I look for touch up paint, it defaults to Cobalto due to the code. Cracking colour and draws loads of attention but shows up lots of imperfections-stays clean...
1-20 of 139 Results