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  1. My little Italian collection

    Motoring Images
    Needed an estate so in the absence of a 166 estate I changed brands. Same chassis though...
  2. Car Collection

    South Africa
    A few guys from ARCOP will visit the Manelis' home in Alberton, on Saturday the 6th of May, to see their fantastic car collection. If somebody is interested to join us, please let me know. It is important to RSVP for this event before Friday, or you will not have access into the Security...
  3. Collection day today

    Alfa Giulia
    Am en route to Motorvogue Northants as we speak. In a few hours I will know whether I have been an April fool or not having bought the most anticipated sports saloon of recent years without having driven. Fingers crossed ! Thoughts and pics to follow no doubt.
  4. Xiaomi Products Collection
    Hi Guys, As Xiaomi brand is super popular all over the world. I would like to make a collection of xiaomi products for your guys. 1.Only £41.11 Shipped Xiaomi action camera Review Video: 2.[New Arrival]Only £49.33 Shipped Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR; Coupon: Xiaomidvr 3.Only...
  5. Free 147 rear seat.. Collection only

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Guys 147 rear seat so tjays base and back in good condition going free collection at Rh1 2fh if not gone by next its goong to the tip Thanks
  6. Promotion-Dome Car Dvr Collection Special And Flash Sale
    Hello Guys, we will have a promotion of Dome Car Dvr Series. Travel with Dome, travel with safety! The Flash Sale will start at 6:00 pm.(GMT+8) on 13th Oct. Promotion Link: - The promotion includes Hot Ambarella Dvr Flash Sale; Ambarella Chipset Car DVR; Novatek Chipset Car DVR...
  7. A collection of pictures from Frankfurt

    Motoring Images
  8. Alfa racing collection

    General Alfa Discussion
    New York collector with some old track-driven Alfas.
  9. GTA in the collection...

    Alfa GTA
    Used 2004 Alfa Romeo 147 V6 24V GTA for sale in Nottinghamshire | Pistonheads Good to see that someone is valuing their GTA well. Anyone on here? I have had my "new" GTA for a year now, need a bigger garage to continue the collection. I am currently looking at a BMW (I know!) 1M. Does anyone...
  10. LOVELY Alfa Collection..... drool.....

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Petrolicious is pretty Alfa friendly..... Wistfully Watching My Dream Collection Go to Auction | Petrolicious
  11. Donington Collection Museum and lunch after..

    East Midlands
    Ok folks, now that all that fuss of the fat fella coming down ya chimney and you've just about finished off all the chocolates, it's time for our first meet of the new season :D First off is a wonder around the Donington collection museum...
  12. Your 3-car garage collection

    General Motoring Discussion
    Not sure if it's in the correct section, so apologies if it isn't. If you had the money and garage big enough, what would be your ideal three car collection? Don't mention the obvious like Ferrari or Porsche etc etc. Most of us have families so they need to be a little practical and attainable...
  13. Software collection getting bigger

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Away from home visiting some friends (Hobby dragsters) and they gave me even more goodies to learn with my poor old Diagnostics laptop is getting very full. almost 44.000 Ecu Maps , its crazy :eek:
  14. Giovanni Agnelli's private car collection

    General Motoring Discussion
    The cars of Giovanni Agnelli - picture special | Autocar Giovanni Agnelli's private car collection, I found it a quite interesting article. Integrale Spider anyone?! :cool:
  15. Collection?

    4C & 4C Spider
    When I bought my Merc, Mercedes flew me n the missus business class to Sindlefinden, the car appeared in a cloud of dry ice and we drove it home. Fabulous! My UK AR dealer says AR do not offer this sort of fun. Shame on them. Anyone got any suggestions how to persuade them to let me collect it...
  16. Italian Collection at Auction

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Wistfully Watching My Dream Collection Go to Auction | Articles Apologies if this has already been posted, some stunning Alfas in this lot.
  17. Is it worth having a Blu Ray collection?

    The Technology Section
    Guys, i have quite a few blu rays in my collection and was wondering if anyone else has a collection or do you just download or stream nowadays? I do like having a collection of blu rays as it looks good in my bookcase.
  18. just won 2.4 brera on ebay, what to check on collection

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    i did have a quick search and there are a few threads about what to look for, but was just looking for a few hints on specifically what i should be checking on a 122k 2.4 06 plate brera ?
  19. Mito QV Collection

    Alfa MiTo
    After 14 weeks wait, my QV was delivered to the dealers today. Now I have to go and sign the papers on Wednesday, question is as I wont be collecting the car until Saturday do I take a look at it/sit in it or just wait until Saturday? :thumbs: George
  20. Downsizing my collection.... anyone interested?

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi guys, Due to lack of time and the need for more space I've reluctantly decided to reduce the number of Alfa's I own. I can't really be bothered with ebay or the time it takes, and the will they/won't they turn up. I have a Series 2, 1.7 cloverleaf (complete), a 33 P4 shell, a good sud sc...