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  1. South Central
    Hi All, For those of you who haven't heard of Jim Stokes, they specialise in classic cars notably Alfas and Lancias, along with a few others - more about them here: Jim Stokes Group - Restoration, re-creation and re-design of historic classic and vintage cars. They're having a cars & coffee...
  2. South East
    This Sunday the AROC UK Essex Section and AROC Modified Register are hosting a new monthly Italian Cars and Coffee event at The Halfway in Kelvedon, Essex Come along for a bacon roll and hot drink :) It is open to all Italian Cars and Bikes whether you are an AROC member or not...
  3. Republic of Ireland
    Is anyone going to cars and coffee in dundalk this weekend? I'll be there.
  4. North West
    Well this really, loads of cars and people rock up by the river and do car and people stuff, yt link shows some of the machines, including the "law"
  5. UK National Events
    This is not an AROC event!!! This is an epic trip in one of the most uncomfortable and most impractical cars ever for this drive and i'd like any other petrol heads to come along (in their own prides of joy) and have an experience of a life time. Aint nobody got time for garage...
  6. South Central A little short notice but If anyone is going and wants to tag along, you more than welcome to.
  7. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    .......whilst in the process of fitting a new brake master cylinder. The person who designed this really does need shooting, or at least a good talking to. It's almost like they were wanting to make it as awkward as possible. Rant over. Just need to bleed the little sod now. How hard can it...
  8. North West
    Just a heads up, next one is on Sunday morning
  9. Wales North
    Also posted in NW Section as its on the border, Cars and Coffee Cheshire 0745-1030 Sunday 13/3 Chester Castle Cars and Coffee Cheshire
  10. North West
    Morning all, I've sort of happened across this event late last year and thought it would be of interest? In Chester City Centre on 13/3 at 0745-1030 or so, interest from a couple of French car clubs & can't be having that can we?
  11. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Looking to install coffee cup holder for my GTV phase 1.Any ideas' this one was advertised on Google arm rest included coffee cup holder. Adjustable armrest with storage for Alfa Romeo GTV Phase 1
  12. Poll Room
    Seems to be like cat v dog, you have your favourite and nothing will persuade you otherwise. Tell us what you think.
  13. Alfa GTA
    Nice little Busso coffee table.
  14. Republic of Ireland
    Anyone planning on going this Sunday? If so, see you there.
  15. Republic of Ireland
    Feel like a bit of a fraud writing this as I'm currently Alfa-less but here goes sure :lol: Details on the February Cars and Coffee: When: Sunday, February 2nd Time: From 10:30 onwards Location: Cherrywood Business Park, South Co Dublin. Directions: Take exit 16 from the M50, and follow the...
  16. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    This is what my girlfriend thinks I'm doing after I leave her at work in the morning.... and this is what I'm really doing....
  17. Republic of Ireland
    Just a reminder for those that this is on this weekend. Not sure if I can make it myself as I'm still car-less :lol:
  18. Republic of Ireland
    Details on the December Cars and Coffee: When: Sunday, December 1st Time: From 10:30 onwards Location: Cherrywood Business Park, South Co Dublin. Directions: Take exit 16 from the M50, and follow the road to the complex, park up in the large car park opposite the Spar store on the immediate...
  19. Meets & Events Images
    Not as much of an Alfa turnout as last month; but still a great turnout for other marques :thumbs: Pics:
1-19 of 61 Results