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  1. Brera : Cobra back boxes

    Tuning & Upgrades
    I've upgraded my exhaust to a prodrive , I'll be selling my Cobra straight through back boxes as soon as I can get the prodrive on, anyone interested then PM me ...ill polish them up
  2. Cobra coilovers for discount available

    South Africa
    Hi guys, I'm going to speak to Cobra Coilovers rep now. I know Gertie and Rudi is/was in the Maxtrac's at R6500 a piece with no courier cost. I skeem we up the ante a bit and go Cobra coilovers, proven track record, literally. They come in at R8800 a set, I'll share details asap, if we buy...
  3. Ford Falcon Cobra

    Cool Wall
  4. Ford Torino King Cobra

    Cool Wall
    Stillborn 200mph+ racing car intended to be the mainstay of Ford's NASCAR challenge at the outset of the 70's...... Aerodynamically not-right, timing all-wrong. But what do you think - would you be cool if you rolled up in something that looked like this, sounded like this, and could go like...
  5. Cobra Immobiliser Problem

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    My S3 has an aftermarket Cobra immobiliser fitted which you switch off with a jack which you insert into a socket in the dashboard for about 10 seconds, after which a red LED goes out and the engine will start. Following a recent alternator failure/removal, the immobiliser appears to be jammed...
  6. AC Cobra vs 4C

    South Africa
    On my way back home from Chatz (after fitting the fugly standard 18" wheel to my LE so they can send my wheel in to be repaired), I drove past a great looking black and white AC Cobra We stopped at next set of traffic lights and we complemented one another on our cars. He said something like...
  7. Vodafone swallows down Cobra

    General Motoring Discussion
    Vodafone buys into Internet of Stuff, sinks fangs into Cobra • The Register
  8. Cobra Alarms

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi All Anyone know about these things ? I have a legacy (not fitted by me) 7928 model fitted which drains the battery in no time. I have the operators manual now but there is no info on if/how to disable passive arming. I would like to get rid of it altogether to be honest but slowing the...
  9. cobra 4138 car alarm and immobiliser

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    gidday guys, thought id just put this to you all, sounds pretty suspect to me but im unfamiliar with car alarm installations so i thought id get some opinions first, this cobra car alarm retails at 149 pounds, but is 200 quid a bit over the top for installing it into a 3.0 litre 99 gtv...
  10. Old but Epic Race footage of the Beast vs AC Cobra

    South Africa
    Howzit guys, I was browsing youtube and came across this Epic Video YouTube - Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 VS AC Cobra 427 on Zwartkops I think AlfaQuad may have put it up before, But after watching it again I thought I must link it here again.. Its such an epic race of Handling vs Horse power...
  11. GI Joe Return Of The Cobra (2009)

    General Alfa Discussion
    I watched this for the first time last night. About 50 minutes in, there is a car chase in Paris. One of the guys in the "running suits" jumps over a moving car. Its a silver 166... Weyhey..!! :thumbs:
  12. Watch - Top Gear (USA) - 1x1 - Cobra Attack - Online

    General Alfa Discussion
    LINK vvvv Top Gear (USA) Don't shoot the messenger.
  13. Alfa Giulietta 2.0 VS Cobra 427 on Zwartkops

    South Africa
    Handling VS Power. The first AGIP Trofeo & Team Cobra race on Saturday delivered some epic racing between a little Alfa Giulietta 2.0, and a Cobra 427. Trackman's dad raced his Giulietta, and made for EPIC racing! I pit-crewed along with Trackman for the little Alfa, and knew there weren't any...
  14. Shelby Cobra 427

    Cool Wall
    Based on the AC Cobra, the Shelby Cobra was used extensively in racing, and it's one of the iconic replica cars. Pristine original examples can fetch amounts that are counted in millions of dollars. A true standout in automotive history. Engine: Ford 427 90º V8 Displacement: 427 CI (6,997 cc)...
  15. Ferrari versus AC Cobra.

    International Motor Sport
    Did any else see the documentary re the above on BBC4 last week. It was by far quite the best motoring documentary I have ever seen. What a shame that poor old Teddy Teabag came to such a sticky end. Still, that'll be the way he wanted to go !
  16. Shelby Cobra GT 500

    Cool Wall
    2007 Shelby Cobra GT 500 Engine type: Supercharged V8 Displacement: 330 cu. in. / 5,409 cc Horsepower: 500 @ 6,000 RPM Torque: 480 lb.-ft @ 4,500 RPM Displacement: 5,409 cc American Muscle heaven. :D
  17. Taken for a spin in a Cobra

    General Motoring Discussion
    One of my mates is lucky enough to have a Cobra, admittedly it's a replica but a very good one. Went over last night and as the sun was shining we went for a blast and OH MY GOD!!!! After the first 5 minutes of the 'blast' I was physically shaking from the adrenaline rush, raw power noise...
  18. Cobra v's Viper

    General Motoring Discussion
    who'll win? Thank goodness for youtube!
  19. King Cobra

    General Motoring Discussion
  20. Dax 427 Cobra

    General Motoring Discussion
    Due to popular demand (from two forum users) My other car is a..........................Dax 427 COBRA Replica.:D :D 1985, took 7 years to build, all my own work, used daily until recently, when I changed jobs. Rover 3.5 V8 from a 1972 P6 3500S 10.5:1CR Latest 4.6 heads Kent 180 cam uprated...