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  1. Joined the club

    4C & 4C Spider
    Having had a number of Italian cars over the years the family stable has recently been a Giulia (now replaced by a Stelvio... more baby and dog friendly!) and a 2000 GTV and Spider. However my eyes have always been scanning Autotrader for 4C's but until recently they've not been within reach. I...
  2. I’m new to the Alfa club ?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all Just acquired my first Alfa today a Giulia Veloce, Solid red (what else!) although not a classic at this stage it’s a beautiful looking car and lovely to drive for me, and I look forward to many years of joy. My question is I’m strongly considering a steering wheel lock and wondered...
  3. Bridgnorth Italia Automoto Club day 1st September

    West Midlands
    Did anyone get to this? There was a good representation of Alfas among all the humdrum Ferraris and Lamborghinis! It was very crowded so I didn't get many pics, the ones I got which are worth seeing are attached below.
  4. Porthleven Cricket Club Summer Fete Sun 21st July

    South West
    Hi All Porthleven Cricket Club in Cornwall is having its annual summer fete on Sunday 21st July. We have got a reputation for having lots of nice, unusual and sporty vehicles been shown at the fete. Last year we had Cornish JDM display lots of cars, American Muscle cars, Escort Cosworths...
  5. New Alfa club for company car drivers

    General Alfa Discussion
    To encourage people to chose an Alfa with their company’s money! Two sections; driving an Alfa or driving a competitor car. Anybody joined? I can’t as I buy my own car.
  6. Midlands Breakfast Club,

    Motoring Images
    Remember the good old days when you used to use easy [IMG] links from half decent photo hosting sites and be able to put a little commentary against each one as you went along?[email protected]/JUp4iQ Me either, that's your lot. Bullitt 'stang was nice but after...
  7. Goodwood Breakfast Club 3rd March

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is Estate Car Sunday ! Currently sorting a detailer out for the 156 and have registered for a place, anyone else going?
  8. The Vintage Car Club Goodwood track day

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    The VCC had a track day at Goodwood yesterday. Only a couple of historic Alfas there, a 1930's 8C 2300 and Alex Pilkington in her 6C 1750. But nevertheless there were pre war Riley's, Aston Martins, Napiers, Austins, Bentleys etc etc. It was well attended by spectators to, we had to park off...
  9. New to the club

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, I've just recently got into Alfa's and having admired them for along time I decided to take the plunge. After many late nights sat at my pc researching, I decided that a 159 2.4JTDm diesel automatic would be perfect for me. However, after much disappointment they seem to be as hard to...
  10. Monaco F1 Meetup at Italian Club Bedfordview

    South Africa
    Hi guys If anyone is interested, I have booked a small table at the Italian Club in Bedfordview for the Monaco F1 which starts at 15:00 this Sunday afternoon. I have spoken with management and been given permission for the Alfisti who join to park their cars on the terrace overlooking the...
  11. New FCA club for company car drivers

    General Alfa Discussion
  12. Club valuations and agreed valuation

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    After chatting to Adrian at NAD he suggested it would be a good idea to get my Spider revalued by Stuart (AROC 105 registrar) as it had been four years since the last one, after sending Stuart all he needed my valuation arrived in the post today, must admit I was pleasantly surprised, I know its...
  13. Application to join Giulia club.

    Alfa Giulia
    Giulia arrived yesterday, and brought light and sunshine with her. First impressions for me are exactly as I remember from the test drive, excellent. Particularly impressed with the sheer quality of the dampers. Our roads do things roads are not designed to do, this car shrugs off everything...
  14. New to the G Club

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi Folks, Picked up my first G QV on Saturday. Came over from a 159ti. Love the performance and build compared to the 159. Weird not having a clutch though. Anything i should watch out for or any tips and tricks anyone recommends.
  15. Worrying news from Club

    Alfa Giulia
    La vendite non vanno bene, si punta sui noleggi....... 25,000 Giulias came out of Cassino in 2016 but only 10,000 sold. Around 5000 should have been sold in the first two months of 2017. Estimates 20,000 now unsold. Cassino is now making two Stelvios for each Giulia. Grim news if this is so.
  16. In da club

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I've just purchased my first Alfa - 57 plate Spider JTDM. Absolutely loving the car! Although I'm definitely part of the Alfa club now; in less than a week I've had to resolve airbag fault, rear bulb explosion, headlight blown, and of course the roof malfunctioning (unresolved...)! It all...
  17. 2001 147 TS - Vogtland Club Suspension - wonky ride height

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    greetings all, newbie question: about a month ago i concluded that my OEM shocks were cactus and needed replacing. After much fishing around on forums i plumped for the Vogtland Club suspension kit from Demontweeks. the handling is transformed, the ride is great, body control excellent...
  18. New to the club

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Have been lurking for a while and thanks for all the great information that helped me with what to look for. Collected a Giulietta Sportiva TCT yesterday and loving it so far Cheers
  19. Gauteng Alfa club

    South Africa
    Hi Want to find out is there something like an Alfa crew here in Gauteng. If not who would be interested to join one. Organise events and trips, get an emblem and some merchandise going. Would like to see if there would be enough people that would join Sent from my LG-H840 using Tapatalk
  20. Just joined the Alfa club

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Picked up me brand new Alfa red G from the dealer this morning and I absolutely love her! She looks great and drives amazingly well in terms of speed on the A35 to Dorchester, holding the road and taking bends. Seat is comfy and driving position is fine, so I had no idea of time and just...