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  1. Alfa Chick

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    Hi there, My husband and I own between us 4 Alfa's currently. I have a 2005 GT 3.2 V6 and a beautiful classic, 1973 Spider. He owns a 2001 GTV 3.7 V6 (with a Dawie de Villiers engine modification) and a 156 that he is currently restoring. I have no doubt that our Alfa collection will just...
  2. Chick's barbeques are good for your mpg

    South Scotland
    Did not spare the horses on the way home and my mpg is over 33. Was 27.9 before the compression test/fix. Thanks for a brilliant day. Sorry I couldn't be more sociable, but a two year old needs constant attention.
  3. flyered by Chick today

    South Scotland
    Makes a nice change from specsavers and la fitness.
  4. Grandpa Chick

    South Scotland
    Dropped off the Car this morning at CM garage. Chick was late in because he was down seeing his daughter how has just had a baby! Congratulations to the whole family! :D Stuart
  5. Thanks Chick

    South Scotland
    Was struggling to get the new bulbs into the GT today. Phoned Chick up in EK who said to pop up. He popped them in and didnt even charge me a penny What a nice guy!! Ill keep the car going to him for future service etc
  6. Chick..

    South Scotland
    Are you opening today? Been sitting outside for about 20 minutes
  7. chick mc

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    hi everyone happy to be part of alfa forum 156 owner and (det) with 10 years expereance look forward to talk
  8. Chick magnet

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  9. new chick on the block!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    hey there!! just thought i'd be friendly and say hi!! i'm all shiney and new - so be gentle with me please :D A x