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  1. Foxes chewing aerial

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Has anyone ever had foxes (or cats) chewing their radio aerial on their car? I bought a new one not long ago as the nasty buggers ate their way through my old one... Now they've started on this one too. I don't particularly want to spend £35 every 6 months for a new aerial so thought maybe...
  2. GT chewing upper arms at alarming rate

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    So, it seems my GT is chewing through upper arms at an alarming rate:(. They were (alledgedly) changed before I bought it March last year (TRW). It started clunking over bumps last autumn, and I replaced them again end of March this year (Delphi) when the clunking got unbearable. I had the car...
  3. 166 remote chewing batteries

    Republic of Ireland
    Hey, I've a problem with my remote control unit in that it's going through a battery every few weeks. Any ideas/suggestions please? Many thanks.
  4. Removing chewing gum from carpet

    Car Detailing
    Cleaning my car's seats today I noticed that there is some chewing gum in the carpet. :mad: Does anyone have a remedy for removing chewing gum from a carpet?
  5. Chewing gum on leather!!!!

    Car Detailing
    My best mate accidently sat in in some chewing gum and without me relising sat in my car!! He has now left a sticky mess on the leather seats. ive tried picking tthe worst of it off nut there still resadue there. does anyone know how to remove chewing gum from seats???
  6. My car squeeling like a dogs chewing toy

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi all, Just replaced my carb mounts. All went well till I fired my car up... Starts and idles perfectly, but it is squeeling none stop?!?!? I have filled my radiator up and have added anti freeze... Could anyone help me out with this problem??? Thanks:confused:
  7. To compliment Ant's chewing gum?

    Poll Room
    Ant is going to send me half a packet of chewing gum (no pressure then, Ant:lol: ). The question is, how do I return the compliment; what do you thimnk I should send back?
  8. Chewing Gum on car mat

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi. Any domestic goddesses (or gods) out there that can tell me what I need to do to get the chewing gum out of my luxury 156 car mat:confused: I'd like to kill the dirty git that spat it out on the floor:mad: Cheers,