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    Officially, Fiat Chrysler doesn't have much going on at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit—the automaker has no press conference and is not revealing any new vehicles or concepts at the major auto show. But that didn't prevent CEO Sergio Marchionne from spilling some...
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    Apparently it’s been confirmed by Dodge … 707hp in a truck :wow: :wow: :wow: All hail the new king among the Chelsea Tractors :jester: Jeep Confirms Hellcat-Powered Grand Cherokee to Dealers ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
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    Morning Alfisti Some interesting reading Id like to share with those Giulietta owners. Did you know that the Giulietta's underpinnings are the benchmark for many models to come Article extracts from Forbes: How A Sporty Alfa Romeo Spawned A Rock Crawling Jeep Quote: '...the fact that...
  4. South Africa
    I am looking at one of these, brand new, although they are no longer "new" , and will be replaced in 2014, possibly earlier...... Any thoughts ? Pitfalls, known issues you are aware of ? I am specifically looking at th 2.8 Diesel, not the 3.7 Petrol. At R 450 k, before discount, it seems good...
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    Ive been looking at these for a while and have decided its test drive time,ive heard the merc engine and autobox are very good. Any owners out there with some advice:thumbs:
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    Im sick of not being able to get our cars off our drive and up the ramp onto the road,all we need is a little frost and we are stuffed.I havent been able to use my car from tues thru to today. So ive decided to get a 4x4 and the jeeps look good value,so has anyone got or had one that can give...
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    Link.... hopefully not as ugly though..... Rumor: Alfa Romeo to Build SUV Based on Jeep Grand Cherokee - Car News - Car and Driver
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    Rumor: Alfa Romeo to Build SUV Based on Jeep Grand Cherokee - Car News - Car and Driver Part of me thinks it's a load of testicles. On the other hand, Sergio...
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    Hi all, I've bought a 156, but i still have my Jeep for sale and its been in the autotrader for 2 weeks now and no interest. Does anyone know of a Jeep owners forum? Or something similiar. Or does anyone know of someone who may be interested? It would make a brilliant tow car Just briefly its...