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  1. New Chatroom check-in thread

    General Alfa Discussion
    OK, the bar is open and people are starting to order their drinks. Come on in. Newbies welcomed. :)
  2. Chatroom Directions For Those Who Dont Know

    General Alfa Discussion
    seeing that a few people cant find it- the chatroom is located in the quick link tab at the top of any page just bring it down and kapow the little bad boy is in there. :) hope that helps :)
  3. the chatroom again

    General Alfa Discussion
    Why does nobody use the chatroom late on at night :confused:
  4. Who's in the chatroom

    Announcements & Comments
    A little window saying who's in the chatroom like the who's on-line could be usefull. Thanks. :)
  5. Chatroom Horsepower

    General Alfa Discussion
    The issue of American vs. European horsepower figures came up in the chatroom today. At the time, I didn't have the conversion figures in front of me but I figured I would start a new thread on the topic. SAE horspower figures are basically American. DIN horsepower figures are basically...
  6. chatroom impossible to enter

    General Alfa Discussion
    How come that the chatroom is inaccessible ?