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  1. East Anglia Day Time Meet � Chat, Food and a Drive #2

    East Anglia
    East Anglia Day Time Meet – Chat, Food and a Drive #2 East Anglia Day Time Meet – Chat, Food and a Drive #2, a Good Way to Spend Easter Sunday ! This Meet is proposed and organized by Martin (r1200rt ). The Meet will be on Easter Sunday and is the same format as last years successful Event...
  2. East Anglia Day Time Meet – Chat, Food and a Drive.

    East Anglia
    East Anglia Day Time Meet – Chat, Food and a Drive, a Good Way to Spend Easter Sunday ! This Meet is proposed and organized by Martin (r1200rt ) who says – “ I have a 147 in pearl green. A lovely thing with all the toys (some not working) and a 916 Spider. I will be there rain or shine, put...
  3. The Northern Ireland Chat Thread

    Northern Ireland
    I've noticed there hasn't been much activity in the NI section recently, maybe a chat thread can increase the activity among the locals again :thumbs: Anyway Happy New Year all from down south :wave:
  4. Yorkshire Chat Thread

    Well, everyone else seems to have one so why shouldn't we? Time to say something interesting, no pressure ;) Sean
  5. GTV chat thread

    South Africa
    I just felt that we could chat here about the GTV's in the Register. Firstly I didn't know only 500-odd 3.2 GTV's were made. That makes it more exclusive than a 4c LE. Nice! Secondly I know why my engine number is 932. The car hit water at 57000km. A new engine was fitted from a GTA. It sadly...
  6. Southerners... Chat away!

    South Central
    One thing we are missing in our area is a chat thread... so here it is :thumbs: I see alot of you guys on here but you dont tend to venture much outside of the tech areas, so here is the place to chat with other Southerners. :D
  7. Designers website chat room, any recommendation?

    The Technology Section
    Designers website chat room, any recommendation? I am a designer and would like to add a chatroom with ability to design it so it will look like my current site design. Lately I added a chat room (text chat) that let me add YouTube videos and images. This made users stay longer. The issue is...
  8. Brekkie, chat and compare wheels - Sat 19th Oct 9:30am - A68 Cafe

    North East
    Now then everyone, We haven't done much for a while, which I'm very sorry about. To kick-start us, how about a short and sweet brekkie meet at the A68 cafe? No run planned, just a chance to have a bit of crack with everyone together, and then mebbes poke about at each others cars. If people...
  9. full chat...

    South Africa
    Steed at speed... I'm impressed. A little 147kW 1.8 engine pushing a big fat heavy car to this speed!
  10. for sale/wanted chat thread

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    as the title says, this should stop us (me included) falling foul of the rules for the for sale/wanted thread. w ecan't it seems ask any questions about the stuff that's put up on that thread itself so can i suggest that any questions/replies to anything posted on there is discussed on here...
  11. R&R Autos and my chat

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Thought I had a few issues with fan not working, cambelt not being done by previous owner etc and a few other bits so I got up and popped to R&R Autos. Might seem a bit mad but plenty of people take a trip to Autolusso so it is a similar thing! Anyway, what a guy. Met Richard and his dad and...
  12. AOWM � Official Chat

    West Midlands
    AOWM – Official Chat As the newly appointed rep for the West Midlands region I have been looking at what regular features we here in the West Midlands have compared to what other regions have (Apologies to OP of these threads for nicking your ideas) and noticed that we do not have an ‘Official...
  13. South westers chat room

    South West
    Hiya guys,tony suggested having a place to chat rather than using the meet threads, well here it is and officially open,,,, enjoy guys
  14. Real ale and chat?

    North East
    In the past I've suggested, meekly, that we have a night out. I think, though, that a few of us, deep down, realise that this could be a train wreck of Super 8 proportions, possibly releasing several hideous monsters onto an unsuspecting population as a terrible side-effect. So, I'm wondering...
  15. North East Chat Thread ....

    North East
    Weather you like it or not NE folks ...... You need to have a general chat thread ..... Other regions have them ..... so you can too ..... :D So begin ......... :D I will not be happy if this fails ...... I'm a NE girl my self .....:)
  16. East Anglian chat

    East Anglia
    Most, or even all, of the other regions have a chat thread so why not us?? Praps it's here somehwere and I've missed it :confused: It's a BIG region and I know there's plenty of us here so lets see if we can try a bit of communication across the 'flatlands' :lol: :D So here we go guys n gals...
  17. Suspension bushes chat

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello, know its been covered a million times but originally this was a PM written out to Seadart, who has kindly send me a pair of trailing arm (spring pan) inboard side bushes. Legend! :thumbs: I thought I'd open up the discussion to others who might add value to the discussion. The story so...
  18. Chat Threads

    Poll Room
    I don't really post in 'em much but they've been around for donkeys. Mostly based on silly things (Who remembers the original Ignore Please.....?) But now we have [email protected] etc is there a better way of socially interacting on AO ? Time to retire them perhaps? Discuss....
  19. Alfisti chat going on via Blackberry Messenger

    South Central
    We have four Alfa Forum members on our chat already - contact or PM Marko De Rosso to gain access. Blackberries only - sorry It's great!
  20. General chat

    South Central
    i figured that me and marko need to stop hi jacking threads :cheese: know really i was out in the puma with madam who's learning to drive when she was being alittle over cautious at a round about and the guy, behind beeped :mad: wtf i nearly got out and lamped him it was only cos she got going...