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  1. New chap !

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all , first post from me , I’ve been looking at getting a 2016 Guilia diesel speciale to take advantage of the tax on them , I’ve looked at a few and they are a truly gorgeous car to look at , some of them have the paddle shifters , are they a gimmick or useful addition, if you don’t have...
  2. To the Chap in a Brera in Reading this morning

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Close call dude, good reactions, that lady was blind or stupid or both!
  3. Some chap asked if he could buy my Bella .

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Was at the petrol pump this afternoon and this friendly chap approached me and complimented my Bella. She is pigging dirty i said, thanks but she needs a good clean. His wife then asked if she could sit in the car and i left them to it and went in and paid for fuel. On returning to car i was...
  4. AMG iimpressed this old chap?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had a family get together at the ma-in-laws the other day,and one of the nephews turned up in a 6.3 litre Merc which made me get quite excited. What a bark that V8 had when he gave it some right pedal, fair shook my old rib cage it did. Bit extravagant really I guess, but what the hell he and...
  5. Returning chap from Sussex

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, Dan from Sussex, i was a member some years ago but IT issues has meant I had to start a new account :) 156 1.8TS owner for 8 years now, love the car!
  6. Lucky lucky chap

    General Motoring Discussion
    Motorcyclist runs into back of moving car and somersaults onto roof on his feet. ДТП мотоциклист. - YouTube
  7. Happy chap

    Motoring Images
    Picked this up yesterday very happy:)
  8. Anyone know this chap ??

    North West
    Was minding my own business yesterday in my local opticians when i noticed a poster advertising some designer frames, i looked and thought and i know him !!! anyone else recognise the successful car dealer/business man/karting champion ???? lol
  9. Also a Happy Chap Today!!!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Finally the Spider is off axle stands, new spring pan fitted (almost immaculate part from Italia Autoparts for £60), new rear drop links (Alfaholics definitely are worth every penny) new brake caliper fitted and bled (thanks to Turtle for that one). Now all I need to do is charge the battery...
  10. Happy chap today !!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    The paintwork on the hood cover on my car had been bugging me for awhile as the lacqer had started to peel.So as my Spider is off the road for the winter it was time to get it sorted. I did'nt fancy painting it myself so took the cover off and got my local bodyshop to take a look (Storey's of...
  11. Does anyone know of chap called Ron?

    Alfa 155
    I purchased some parts and odds n sods off of a bloke called Ron, not sure if this is the right thing to do but at a loss what else i can do really as i sent payment but am yet to get my items? I know he's a mad on 155's as we spoke about them as i was interested in getting hold of one, alas...
  12. Who was the chap who built that GTA

    Alfa GTA
    Someone bought a greenish GTA and built it up in the garage, i was following thr thread, i fancyed a quick read of it but didnt know how to start the search for it
  13. new chap

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all my names Bob and i am new to the site:p I am from Cardiff and at present own a 159 with the new 2.0 Jtdm engine, i have also owned a 156, 147, another 159, MiTo and back again to the 159, you could say I like Alfa's:thumbs: .
  14. Would you argue with this chap???

    Non Motoring Images
    I couldn't get a word in myself :rolleyes: :lol:
  15. The chap who bought my GT V6 on Sunday.....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I really hope you are reading this..... I think I've left something very important (and no doubt things not as important) in the front seat rear pockets.......:( Please please could you PM/Email me. Thank you so much.:)
  16. New chap- cuore alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    :cool: Stumbled onto this site by chance.... and what a result.Lots of clued up people out there.... internet good for something after all. Having recently lost the 'best low mileage A1 condition' GTV to an accident (acqua planed into central reservation of flooded section M1 jct 18) and lucky...
  17. I think this chap's telling porky pies...

    General Alfa Discussion
    :cheese: ebay 164 linky Nice car though:)
  18. Superb Renewal! 22 year old chap on a 156 1.8 veloce.

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    Check this out. Last year I paid £1750 to insure my 156 fully comp with no NCB and no other named drivers. For my renewal I had racked up one year NCB and I added my mum and dad on the car as named drivers with me as the main. My insurance went from £1750 to.... wait for it...
  19. I Went To Visit A Rather Interesting Chap This Morning

    Motoring Images
    This morning I took my mate, The Captain, to collect his Westfield from an engine ‘guru’ by the name of Ron Harper. Over the past few months he has been assembling a high specification 2.1 Ford Pinto engine which had been fitted, run in and taken to Mr. Harper, a Weber carburettor specialist...
  20. To the nice chap next to me...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just wondering if the chap who parked next to me at SAD last week is someone on here... You have a silver 156, parked next to my red 75, and sold me a sales brochure for my had lots of magazines laid out next to your car... It was a bit warm, hope you didn't get sunstroke:eek:!!