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  1. Wife caught driving with no insurance

    General Motoring Discussion
    Wife has just been pulled over by a policeman for no insurance. On checking this ourselves, it turns out that her policy did not auto-renew late last year as it usually does - Privilege have told me that this is because we used my card to pay not hers (although they did not tell us this at the...
  2. Vandalism on my Alfa GT caught on video

    General Alfa Discussion
    Guys the same day i bought my Alfa romeo GT i fitted a motion sensor camera security system inside it that records the front and back , less than 24 hours after i bought the car someone around 00:58 past midnight as you can see in the video walks past my car and try to break the back boot...
  3. sidelight cable caught cant insert bulb

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, I've just bought my first 159. The sidelight was gone on the offside when i bought it so i removed the nearside bulb just too check it was the bulb and not the wiring, it was fine. I've attempted to put a new bulb on the nearside but the holder won't come out enough to insert the new...
  4. caught speeding 90 in a 60

    General Motoring Discussion
    A week ago today on my way home on a nice safe (straight) 2 mile straight I saw a traffic bmw parked in a layby, I slowed down to 50 about half a mile further on I was stopped and charged for doing 90 in a 60. Not sure of the exact device but the police said 90 was my average speed between to...
  5. 156 2.4JTD caught in flood water

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've a 2003 156 2.4JTD 150 with 205K miles on the clock. I got caught in flood water. I was able to remove the injectors and clear the water. I changed air, fuel and oil filters and put fresh oil in. I was also advised to put a bottle of Cataclean in the tank. The car is running and has covered...
  6. Been caught speeding........... Again!

    General Motoring Discussion
    This sums up my luck this year! I was caught speeding in a Vauxhall vivaro van I was doing 59 in a 60 zone yes that's not a typo 59mph. Just a word of warning for anyone that might be or is driving a van, 50mph is the limit on national speed limit roads.
  7. Caught speeding

    General Motoring Discussion
    On the way home last night got pulled over by the police for speeding in a 30 zone. I was going over 50mph on an empty main road. I honestly wasn't going fast for fun or even to get home fast I was just not paying attention to my speed cause I was listening to an audiobook and thinking about...
  8. Caught Speeding!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So, there I was enjoying a nice session of boost and glide on the A417 from Glos towards Swindon, achieving high mph and high mpg. My enjoyment was rudely interrupted when I noticed a camera van at the bottom of a crest. Despite the front end of the '59 dropping a couple of inches, I received...
  9. Caught speeding???

    General Motoring Discussion
    I have found a link where you put your registration plate in online and it says if you have been caught speeding. There may also be a picture... Give it a try... Good luck...
  10. Been caught speeding???

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I have found a link where you put your registration plate in online and it says if you have been caught speeding. There may also be a picture... Give it a try... Good luck...
  11. Accidentally caught the Alfa bug......

    North West
    Hullo. I'm new to the forum, new to owning an Alfa and have accidentally caught the Alfa bug due to a workmate buying a 159 thereby instigating a little snout around Autotrader and having absolutely no option but to buy a GT. Possibly the best looking car that I knew nothing about prior to...
  12. Rust caught in time on GTV.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I've read of quite a few GTVs having the rear floors going rusty but I've never worried about mine because everything looked fine. Any I decided to put it on the lift for a look round at it before the winter. Around the rear floor are I noticed the underseal ws slightly raised so I gave it a...
  13. Caught in two minds - sell the GT 3.2?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've been offered a 159 Ti (my favourite looking Alfa ever) at a very good price, problem is I am not sure I want to get rid of the GT 3.2 V6 as love every single minute of driving it and I can afford the fuel at the moment, but the Ti has always topped my list of Alfas to own. I am usually very...
  14. GTV 2.0 Build - Caught fire on dyno!

    South Africa
    So my friend's 116-series GTV 2.0 we've been frantically building for the track day didn't make it there... :cry: It was on course to be there. We got the motor in the car on Thursday night, and started it, drove it at 1:30am in the morning to bed the rings in a bit before the 7:30am dyno-tune...
  15. Look what I caught today

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
  16. Caught Testing: 2013 Dodge Hornet hatchback - Spy Shots

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello from the USA. I found these spy shots on the Road & Track website about a new Dodge Hornet being tested here. Does it look familiar to any of you? 2013 Dodge Hornet - 2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback Spy Photos on Cheers, Jeff Dallas, Texas, USA 1994 164 LS
  17. caught in a BMW sandwich

    General Motoring Discussion
    i banged out about 100 miles today running errands and getting lost (don't ask), but one of the highlights was getting caught in a BMW sandwich; 1985 635CSi in front, and a (1988-ish) M5 behind me - the 635 sounded wonderful, while the M5 lunged in a way that suggested it was about to eat me :)...
  18. Car caught fire a bit today!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Pulled over on the hard shoulder of the motorway after smelling burning plastic..........
  19. 147 gta caught on fire!

    Alfa GTA
    My pride and joy caught on fire the other night, Looks like it started in the dash. Noticed it on fire and attacked it with the garden hose but to no avail had the fire fighters rock up after about 20 mins and put it out. Complete write off, As I said looks like it has started in the dash and...
  20. I have caught a nasty disiesel

    North West
    I have been lured by the forces of darkness and am now the owner of a diesel with a evil growl ;).......just needs Gus to sprinkle some fairy dust on the ecu :D