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    :cool: Morgan Three Wheeler and Caterham Seven: Brilliant British Flyweights - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
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    So guys what do you think? Its the perfect fun car to drive. I dont know about reliability issues though. Id love to have one in the future as its been in my mind for about 2-3 years now Any opinions on this one?
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    Hey folks came across this on another forum. iB::Topic::Caterham and trailer stolen You never know what you might see. :) GD
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    £115,000 and 1,000 bhp/tonne :cool: :cool: :cool: ...but probably not so good for everyday use :D :D :D Caterham Levante
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    Well, according to yahoo-news the fastest ever Caterham has been unvailed - although I'm not sure how this differs from the previous R500. I still want one though :inlove: Fastest ever Caterham 7 - Yahoo! Cars
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    Last week on 5th Gear they had a 'shoot-out' between a Lotus Exige S and a Caterham CSR. The Catherham beat the Lotus in the dry by 2.5 seconds, although the hood and doors came loose. It was also on semi-slick tyres. The Lotus was quicker in the wet, and VBH thought it was more of a car that...
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    right, i am planning a meet up in the caterham area, go for some nice refreshments, look at the cars and get to meet the Alfa nuts behind the User IDs :) have not decided the exact place or date yet, gonna go and scout today.. seen a few nice bar/restaurants about. contact me or just leave a...
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    If so, please share your experience. :)
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    Hi Had my 156 GTA sportswagen a couple of months now and wished I hadn,t waited so long and been put off by the horror stories about Alfas. I was just thinking if anyone has put a Alfa V6 in a Caterham or similar type of kit car. If they have could you let me know which kit was used as I am...