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  1. Extra holiday at Cassino plant.

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    Demand for the Giulietta, Giulia and Stelvio is a bit low as ever. Hence an extra weeks holiday. “The decline in sales is creating numerous problems at the FCA plant in Cassino, forced in practice to work well below its production capacity, and more generally to the various companies that...
  2. what will be the future of the Cassino plant after the cancellation of the Maserati D

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    12/06/2019, 15:30 Clubalfa says From Italian , translated; “As confirmed in the last hours by Harald Wester, Maserati will not realize new entry levels confirming the Levante and Ghibli as access proposals to the range. These statements confirm, therefore, that the Trident house will not...
  3. Another three week rest at Cassino

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    Demand is low for the Giulietta , Giulia and Stelvio at the Cassino plant. new model year 2019 of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, presented at the Geneva Motor Show and available on the Italian market for...
  4. Stelio production at Cassino

    Alfa Stelvio
    A video of the Stelvio being made
  5. Cassino plant video

    Alfa Stelvio
    The Giulia and Stelvio being built.
  6. Monte Cassino

    Alfa Giulia
    a series of videos just released by FCA showing inside the factory at Cassino as they build our Giulias Made In Italy, with tradition and pride Alfa Romeo, 106 years and still going strong those beautiful crazy Italians grazie
  7. Cassino Plant to Produce new range of Alfas - Spring 2015

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    This looks fairly credible news ! Production new Alfa Romeo starts spring 2015 |