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  1. South Africa
    And here it is...... my very own 4C..
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    I've noticed that quite a few members on here have fantastic cartoons of their Alfas for avatars, where did you all get them from? How do I get one of my sportwagen? Thanks
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    Here is the link to the Alfa 145 cartoon,.........
  4. South Africa
    145 finished.... at last!
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Here's the link for Alfa Giulia Cartoon.
  6. South Africa
    For everyone who likes the older (real?) Alfas.........
  7. South Africa
    I know, the next request is going to be for a 3litre.........
  8. South Africa
    Just for Corrie!
  9. South Africa
    Just 'cause I like it!
  10. South Africa
    Ok, Corrie, here is one half of your wish!
  11. South Africa
    And here is the facelift!
  12. South Africa
    And here is the GTA Version!
  13. South Africa
    Well, what with being swamped at work and all that, I have finally managed to finish the 147!
  14. South Africa
    Ok, here are prices for cartoon goodies (and some pics): T Shirt 100% cotton (White only): R 120.00, British Pounds 10.00, Euro 12.00, US Dollar 15.00 Wall Clock: R 280.00, British Pounds 23.00, Euro 28.00, US Dollar 35.00 Metal Keyring with dome dimage: R 60.00, British Pounds 5.00, Euro...
  15. South Africa
    Numen, here she is!
  16. South Africa
    Here is a pre facelift GTA...... and yes, I know the wheels are not right, but must still draw GTA wheels. also, for "normal" 156's the front bumper is wrong... will still draw that too!:)
  17. General Alfa Discussion
    Here is the 156 Facelift cartoon for those who missed it in the SA lounge.
  18. South Africa
    Just for Brendon......
  19. South Africa
    For all those moaning minnies......
1-19 of 42 Results