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    First time I've seen it in the daylight since picking it up on Sunday, just before taking the Aero for MOT (it passed with no advisories, by the way). Carly and The Jaag. Aero and The Jaag with added Tuffnell's.
  2. International Motor Sport
    aka Mr SAAB, Obituary: Erik Carlsson 1929-2015 - WRC news - :depressed:
  3. Poll Room
    In order to prove one of my fellow Irish Alfisti WRONG please vote on whether you like or not, I do expect all of you to vote that you like the Saab T16 Carlsson:p SAAB 900 CARLSSON - Superb Example for sale in Dublin: €5,500 -
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    As detailed in WOT, now it's stopped raining, I took a couple of snaps of the Carlsson. Bought it for a steal, especially as it's got 11 months MOT and £2.5k worth of bills from the last 12 months. One for...
1-4 of 4 Results