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  1. Bloody caravans!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I've spent ages getting the Spider in tip top condition for our Brittany tour and whilst waiting for the ferry, some **** has scraped his caravan along the front wing!
  2. 147 GTA good for caravans?

    Alfa GTA
    Saw this item on ebay and made me laugh! :D Out of interest is the UK car pictured anybodys car on here?
  3. what do you think of caravans

    Poll Room
    Are they a good thing or bad :)
  4. Don't complain about caravans

    Motoring Images
    eek! What happens when he gets to a roundabout!! eek!
  5. White caravans?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Why are all caravans always white? In America at least they have the Airstreams in silver, but they cost a shed load to the UK and are generally massive. Some are over 50 feet long and have multiple bedrooms etc. They do a 16 footer, but it weighs a ton (nearly 2 in fact). Surely there is a...