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    I know that its mostly Pete and Jamie that start these lil' competitions, But reckon I'll give it a go. This Episode is more or less courtesy of our newest russian member; " Igor thought that spectacles wouldn't enhance his apperance and vision, but some Hella Rallye 2000 would"
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    For all you BMW lovers (is it yours Aisha?) Another nice one; A hugo lot more can be seen on:
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    ahhhh, finally : the ocean!
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    Who wins?
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    Hmmm... I don't think I've got the hang of lowering my car just yet... I know!! Now where did I put those tractor weights?
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    Report just in "Disgruntled Alfa owner seeks revenge on one of Northants County Councils nasty and vindictive Gatsos.Crowds of onlookers cheered as Pete B from Herts fired 30mm canon and heatseeking missiles at the horrid,spiteful..........."
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    Should get some interesting quotes for this one! :) Thanks to Greg for this weeks pic!
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    This BMW is so hideous its too good an opportunity to miss making it this weeks subject!!!
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    Following Simons 147 suggestion,heres the first weeks photo in the weekly caption competition!