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  1. General Alfa Discussion
    Well, when I say 'competition' I mean just for fun, as there isn't any prize. I was at Autolusso South yesterday with the Cup, where Laurence and the chaps there were helpful as always. I thought this photo was worthy of a bit of AO fun to invite captions...
  2. 1.3 Ti

  3. Dsc00074

  4. Jimbobadini's Brera

    Jimbobadini's Brera 2.4 JTDM SV
  5. Sprint Speciale 039

    039 specilae progress
  6. Gtv

    Finally pics with new rims.
  7. West Midlands
    nice to see everyone :thumbs: will hopefully see some of you again on Saturday for the auto Italia thing :) In the mean time try and come up with a caption for this photo :D :thumbs: rest of the photo's here
  8. Motoring Images
    Just for fun post your best Caption ! "KT was distraught when she was told there wasn't a Cake Shop at Brands Hatch"
  9. 147

  10. Dyno Graph

  11. GTV V6 K30 RP

    GTV V6 K30 RP
  12. Motoring Images
    Just for fun a little caption competition ! Oh and it's her own fault ... she posed for the photo ! So get Captioning away !
1-20 of 143 Results