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  1. General Motoring Discussion
    Afternoon all, I have the following tickets (in my hand) for sale for this years Festival of Speed. Gutted to be selling them, but my wife has been recalled to work early from Maternity leave and my son is a bit young to be camping with the lads for a 4 days! General admission Friday x 1 = £45...
  2. East Midlands
    Anyone up for this? PISTONHEADS PRIVATE CAMPING AT LE MANS Limited space available on the 1st-Tickets private site at Bleu Nord. PistonHeads Private Camping at Le Mans - PistonHeads or Le Mans 24 Hours - Travel Destinations' Event Tents with Beds
  3. Motoring Images
    We took the Alfa on a camping trip this weekend to the forest of dean. It is clear that my girlfriend and I had very different plans for the gazebo! I thought we took it to keep my Alfa warm and dry She wanted to use the gazebo to keep us all sheltered from the rain What a...
  4. Wales South
    I'm planning on exploring more of Wales later on in August and would love to find some great places to visit and stay. We love the coast so are especially looking for places to the West. Where is worth visiting and what camp sites are worth staying at? :)
  5. Motoring Images
    Hi everyone, I haven't had any holidays this year yet and have just had the last 4 weeks away from my desk! Great, I feel well and rested now :) I took some pics of my MiTo whilst on a camping trip, only my phone camera but I thought I would share... take care everyone, John.
  6. Motoring Images
    ... in St Leonards near Ringwood in the New Forest last weekend :D I don't mind where we go as long as we can get a cuppa :D And all around was this nature stuff ;)
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    Of late Mrs SpiderMonkey and I have decided to invest in camping equipment in a bid to reduce holidaying costs, this is obviously because the government has told us we are now poor, anyway.... we went to Buxton and stayed in a pub campsite, handy really as I enjoy a beer every now and again...
  8. Motoring Images
    Well Me Painter Girl and Dxechick have just had a top weekend Here's a few Pics :thumbs: PG's spider and Mr PG's vehicle Dxe's 147 next to the tent he was brave enough to stay in :lol: Dxe that butty will be well stale by now :tut: Happy the coward had a caravan instead :lol: We...
  9. North Scotland
    Alfa Owner North west are holding a camping weekend and everyone is invited. If anyone is interested, please follow the link.
  10. North East
    Happy Man, the regional representative for the North West, is organising a camping weekend at the end of March. If you'd like to join him and a few others then please RSVP to event thread in the North West area lounge...
  11. Yorkshire
    This should be a good one :) So if you Fancy a fun filled weekend away get your name down here :thumbs:
  12. South Scotland :flag:
  13. North West
    Well folks following the poll that we ran asking if anyone was interested in a week end away I've sorted it :D This is the location Stanwix Park Holiday Centre I'm booked in with my family for the 28/29/30th March. To book you will need to contact the Park on 01697 332666 They have enough...
  14. North West
    I've just sent an email to this place. Stanwix Park Let's do like we did with the Carting Poll :) No dates yet just see how the Idea goes and I'll set dates and do the booking arrangements if we get enough interest ;) If you look at the type of accomodation then the prices to see what suits...
  15. International Motor Sport
    forecast rain, campsites mud, cars stuck! lovely! think were gonna head up there early as possible, try and get my alfa parked at the top of a hill! A friend heard on the radio they are expecting cars on the campsites to get stuck in mud, just a word of warning for those who are going.
  16. Motoring Images
    Took the 20v, a few mates and lots of beers hiking/climbing in the lakes. Had a great time :D We were really lucky with the weather as you can see..... :cool: Some piccies.... :D
1-16 of 16 Results